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Friday, October 16, 2009

Stock Futures Fall on GE, BofA, Dollar Gains - Bloomberg
Bank of America loses $2.24B as loan losses increase - AP
Foreclosures rise. Big banks show profits. How can that be? - CSM
Bank of America chief executive Kenneth Lewis to get no pay - Telegraph
SEC Said to Hire Goldman’s Storch to Be Chief Operating Officer - Bloomberg
A perfect storm's brewing to cool petroleum demand - MarketWatch
Social Security stop-gap debate revs up - USA Today
Bailed-Out Banks Raking In Big Profits - Wash. Post

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Oil hovers above $77 as rally pauses - AP
Gold fails to shine on India festival day - Commodity Online
JP Morgan starting to take more risk in the commodities space - Mineweb
Cyclical Positives vs. Secular Headwinds: Which one is winning? - Zero Hedge
Dow 10,000: It’s do-over time! - Salmon, Reuters
How now, Dow Theory? - MarketWatch

Recession Will Be 'Full-Blown Depression': Strategist - CNBC
Here’s where stimulus money is putting people to work - CSM
Administration: Stimulus kept or created 30K contracting jobs - AP
State Revenue Falls Most Since 1963 on Incomes, Sales - Bloomberg
In Shift From ’08, Holiday Airfare Is Soaring Daily - NY Times

China will limit easy monetary stance - Globe Investor
German 'Wise Men' fear credit crunch in 2010 - Telegraph
Sinopec Facing ‘Intense’ Rivalry for Energy Assets - Bloomberg
Ex-FSA chief Sir Howard Davies sees 'dramatic’ risks for Britain - Telegraph
Soros says U.S. economy will be drag on world growth - Reuters
U.S. Criticizes China for Lack of Yuan ‘Flexibility’ - Bloomberg
Fewer listings boost home prices - Globe Investor
Weak Dollar? Not So Much in China - NY Times

California home sales and prices inch up - LA Times
Foreclosures Continue to Rise as Banks Worked on Backlog - Wash. Post
Buyers Suing Trump in Miami Condo Glut as Values Return to 1989 - Bloomberg
Lawmakers seek to extend, expand $8,000 homebuyer tax credit - AP

Fed Can't Wait Too Long for Policy Shift: Volcker - CNBC
Greenspan: Break Up Banks ‘Too Big to Fail’ - NY Times
US Recovery to be Slower Than Typical: Geithner - CNBC
Revisiting the Solvency vs. Liquidity Dilemma - Zero Hedge

Bernard Madoff set to spook partygoers this Halloween - Guardian
Cash4Gold Hit With Racketeering And Fraud Class Action Lawsuit - The Consumerist
After Vista, Windows 7 is a giant leap for Microsoft - USA Today
Insecure bosses likelier to bully, study says - SF Gate


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