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Friday, October 30, 2009

U.S. small business loans in default rise: PayNet - Reuters
The economy isn't fixed yet, say Wall Streeters - CNN/Money
Homebuyer Tax Credit Delayed Over TARP Issue - Bloomberg
CIT Bonds Signal Bankruptcy Inevitable as Debt Exchange Expires - Bloomberg
S&P 500's string of monthly gains questionable for October - MarketWatch
Doubts greet Obama's financial oversight plan - Washington Post
Health-care reform in America: A public row - Economist
Do banks have something to hide? - CNN/Money

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Oil hovers near $80 as US economy recovers - AP
Gold steadies near $1,050/oz, ETF unchanged - Reuters
Paul Tudor Jones: Now Is Time, Place for Gold as an Asset - Bloomberg
Despite lost decade, there was money to be made - MarketWatch
Art Cashin: Markets Will Rally if Dollar 'Behaves' - CNBC
Gold over $1000 and still no gold bubble - iTulip

Personal spending falls 0.5 percent in September - Reuters
White House fights back on Cash for Clunkers - Bloomberg
Pop-up stores help fill mall space during economic slump - USA Today
America's economy: A joyless recovery - Economist
How much has the stimulus done? - MarketWatch
The GDP Mirage - BusinessWeek

Central banks chill asset rally - Telegraph
China Opens New Stock Exchange - NY Times
Euro consumer prices still down, joblessness rises - AP
Weber Signals ECB May Start Exit With 12-Month Loans - Bloomberg
China Will Sustain Growth Rebound, Central Bank Says - Bloomberg
U.K. House prices rise for sixth month in succession - Guardian
Canada's economy still struggling - Globe Investor
ING breaks up: Slimming cures - Economist

Has The Real Estate Market Bottomed? - Forbes
Extending home-buyer credit: another clunker? - CSM
Case-Shiller Shows Housing Crash Has Already Resumed - The Money Game
U.S. Home Vacancies Rise to 18.8 Million on Defaults - Bloomberg
First-Time Fraudsters - WSJ

Your move, Ben Bernanke - CNN/Money
Federal Reserve ends Treasury buying: Now what? - MarketWatch
Banks say consumers catching up on credit card, mortgage payments - USA Today
Bankers Expect Rising Bonus Pay to Break Records in Global Poll - Bloomberg
Too big to fail and too many to save - MarketWatch

Cops: TN mechanic disabled parked cars for repairs - AP
Women Say More About an Economy Than Money Does - Bloomberg
White Pages may fall victim of technology - SF Gate
8 to watch - CNN/Money


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