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The Daily Show on the dollar and the Dow

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

On the occasion of Dow 10,000 ten years later, Jon Stewart of the Daily Show explains the relationship between the trade-weighted U.S. dollar and the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

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Stewart correctly observes that, "In a truly free market, the invisible hand has to give the dollar a reach-around", humor that can only be appreciated after watching the clip...


Mike said...

Fortunately there are at least a few intelligent and courageous people in the media, like Stewart, who are willing to be honest with the American public about the problems in the economy. And I think that until the government sets out a plan to deal with the fundamental structural problems in our financial system of too much debt and not enough savings and capital, we will not have a sustainable recovery. As such, while the stock market may stay irrational in the short term, in the long run I believe it will go back to reflecting the fundamentals of our boom and bust economy. And that's why I continue to feel that for most people it is safer to remain in cash and gold. In my view the gold price will continue to rise due to a lack of faith in central banks' policies and in fiat currencies. I recently read some very interesting articles on these topics at, which discuss the relationship between the dollar, the gold price, and gold mining companies due to the Federal Reserve's policies. I thought the article titled "Gold Price Up, Dollar Down - Does it Really Matter?" was particularly useful for people to read through to get a better sense of the relationship between these asset classes, and to get an understanding of the consequences of all the money printing and its potential effects on our currency.

cherry said...

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