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Monday, October 26, 2009

Food will never be so cheap again - Telegraph
Obama wants banks to lend more to small businesses - AP
Citibank shows why credit card holders need protection - LA Times
Central Banks Hitting Asset Bubbles Show No Faith in Greenspan - Bloomberg
Gold gives a precious insight into economy - Telegraph
Capmark Financial files for bankruptcy - CNN/Money
Reckless strategies doomed WaMu - Seattle Times
Mortgage Madness - Noland, Prudent Bear

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Oil above $80 on boost by weaker dollar - AP
Gold inches up as dollar retreats against euro - Reuters
S&P 500 Overvalued by 40%, Set to Fall, Smithers Says - Bloomberg
Rumors of the Death of the Credit Crisis Are Greatly Exaggerated - Hussman Funds
In This 10-Year Race, Bonds Win by a Mile - NY Times
Nouriel Roubini: Big Crash Coming - Index Universe
Gas jumps nearly 18 cents in 2 weeks - CNN/Money

Preview: GDP Grew as Stimulus Took Hold - Bloomberg
Recession or not? US economy likely to be in limbo - AFP
Government Porkfare Is No Way to End Recession - Baum, Bloomberg
Experts see rebounding economy shedding jobs - SF Gate
Cash for Clunkers trade-ins piling up - AP

ING to split itself, issue $11.3B of shares - AP
ECB's Noyer warns banks on excessive risk-taking - Reuters
Korean economy scores fastest growth since 2002 - MarketWatch
Kuwaiti Politicians Feud Over $21B Consumer Bailout Plan - Bloomberg
Why the Federal Reserve Is a Currency Manipulator - ChinaStakes
New property-bubble warnings in Hong Kong - MarketWatch
UK households 'lost 13pc of wealth in one year' - Telegraph
Asian summit off to shaky start - LA Times

If Lenders Say ‘The Dog Ate Your Mortgage’ - NY Times
Toddlers Buy Houses When Stimulus Trumps Reason - Bloomberg
Uncle Sam Adds 5% to Prices of Homes, Goldman Says - WSJ Developments
Detroit house auction flops for urban wasteland - Reuters
Saving their homes: Did Obama help? - CNN/Money

Bernanke's trillion-dollar decision - Politico
Geithner Widens Bills-to-Bonds Gap With New Sales - Bloomberg
Here Comes the Monetary Expansion Bubble - Jesse's Cafe
Big Banks Take Your Money and Run - AP

Madoff friend Jeffry Picower dies - CNN/Money
Pilot who overshot airport denies crew was napping - AP
Montana wolf hunt is stalked by controversy - LA Times
A Halloween costume you can wear all year - USA Today


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