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On PBS tonight - The Warning

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Bob Rubin and Alan Greenspan were very much in lockstep. They had very similar views on Wall Street. It boiled down to the less regulation the better."

There are more clips over at YouTube and the documentary should be available online at PBS in a few days or so ... cue the cool Frontline introduction music.


Anonymous said...

I will never *ever* send any more money to PBS, for the rest of my life.

They portrayed Libertarians as desiring fraud, and they portrayed Greenspan as a true Libertarian, for the first 10-15 minutes of the show. That was an outrage.

What Libertarians stand for is "no force, no fraud". What I stand for is the demise of PBS, unless and until they start portraying views of the true Libertarians, such as,,, etc.

I hope PBS quickly goes bankrupt, or they quickly starting supporting true Libertarian views.

Anonymous said...

All three - Rubin, Greenspan, and Summers - come off looking like arrogant and pompous fools, only one of whom got filthy rich through it all.

Frederick Rodgers said...

Thanks to PBS's "Frontline" tonight, several baffling (and unsettling" cooncerns I had about the American/global economy are, at last, better dealt with. Seems that someone else agrees with those who scorch PBS (especially their fund raising tactics and so-called "corporate sponsors") in a piece appearing a few days ago on SLATE.

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