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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

U.S. IRS probing home-buyer tax credit claims - Reuters
Reverse mortgages: Subprime mess déjà vu? - CNN/Money
Countdown to the next crisis is already under way - Munchau, FT
Galleon’s Traders Seek Legal Advice, Update Resumes - Bloomberg
BofA Was Told U.S. Aid May Help Shares - Bloomberg
Einhorn on gold, sovereign risk, and more - Reuters
The Race to Save Lehman Brothers - NY Times
Marching Toward Zombieland - Kunstler, CFN
1987 Crash Revisited - The Big Picture

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World stocks hit new 12-month high - Reuters
Oil briefly above $80 as earnings beat forecasts - AP
Diwali over, gold demand falls in India - Commodity Online
Einhorn bets on major currency 'death spiral' - MarketWatch
Banks Tell Traders To Keep Attacking The Dollar - Business Insider
Sisyphus Succeeds? - Saut, Raymond James
Is the market rally a hoax? - CNN/Money

Housing Starts Rose Less Than Forecast - Bloomberg
Holiday shoppers to spend $22.27 less - CNN/Money
Deflation fears persist amid beginning of economic recovery - USA Today
US income gap widens as poor take hit in recession - BusinessWeek
Home builders' confidence slips in October - MarketWatch
The White House Readies a Stealth Stimulus - Time

Banks may face windfall tax over bonuses - Guardian
Europe Officials Concerned on Dollar, Call Euro Gain ‘Disaster’ - Bloomberg
China's stimulus based investment boom is just beginning - Pragmatic Capitalist
As crisis ebbs, focus turns to risk of China-U.S. 'imbalances' - MarketWatch
Brazil to Impose Tax on Foreign Inflows, Mantega Says - Bloomberg
Japan may hit record for bond issues: report - MarketWatch
Housing recovery reflected in lending figures - TimesOnline
The Myth of The Strong Dollar Policy - Macro Man

Homes: About to get much cheaper - CNN/Money
59% of New Home Sales Use Government Loans: John Burns - HousingWire
Obama issues short-term program to boost home buying - MarketWatch
U.S. Commercial Property Values Fall 3% in August - Bloomberg

On America's spenders and Asia's savers - Wash. Post
How Moody's sold its ratings - and sold out investors - McClatchey
With eye on recovery, Bernanke turns to 'global imbalances' - MarketWatch
Georgia banks bracing for major hit - AJC

Nev. man accused of DUI for 3rd time in 17 days - AP
Drinking Your Way to Health? Perhaps Not - Health Day
How to Stay Healthy in Retirement: Keep Working - LiveScience
Maoist in the White House - Mises


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