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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Home prices in August up fourth straight month - Reuters
Will Option ARM Loans Still Implode? - I Am Facing Foreclosure
Rethinking Salary Constructs, Federal Pay Continues To Skyrocket - Daily Bail
Consumer Protection Bill Opponents Got Big Money from Wall St. - Open Secrets
Protesters in Chicago March on Offices of Goldman, Wells Fargo - WSJ
Why a Gold Bug Isn't Buying Gold Now - Seeking Alpha
Internet bubble 2.0? Not so fast - CNN/Money
Let A Hundred Theories Bloom - Stiglitz, IBT
Self-jiving Nation - Kunstler, CFN

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Oil up above $79 on weak dollar after 3-day slide - AP
Gold bounces from 3-week low; dollar takes breather - Reuters
Einhorn’s Next Call Won’t Be as Easy as Lehman - Bloomberg
Grantham: Market 25% overvalued; 15% correction coming - Credit Writedowns
The best time to invest in a 401(k)? Now - CNN/Money
Finding gold in little miners - CNN/Money
Gold: A Bubble Brewing? - Seeking Alpha

Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Climb for Third Consecutive Month - Bloomberg
Plug those leaks: Some developments make a double dip likely - MarketWatch
Romer: Inaction on Health Care Bigger Problem for Deficit Than Stimulus - WSJ Economics
Unemployment May be the Political Story of 2010 - WSJ Capital Journal
Detroit: Where Private Security Is Booming - Time
America's Jobs Disaster - Mises

Irish Angry Over Big Bank Bailout - Time
Chinese railways and speculating pig farmers - China Financial Markets
China may buy distressed US real estate assets - Commodity Online
Foreign speculation on our currency is a bubble set to burst - SMH
India RBI holds rates to spur growth, but flags inflation - MarketWatch
The real money supply, globally - FT AlphaVille
Iceland says goodbye to the Big Mac - AP
The big burnout - Xie, Temasek Review

Goldman Sees Housing ‘False Bottom’ - Bloomberg
Real estate groups call for extension of bigger loans - O.C. Register
Decision on Home Buyer Tax Credit Could Come This Week - ZillowBlog
California home prices and sales rose in September, Realtors say - LA Times
Shoddy Construction Haunts Boom-Era Condos - WSJ Developments

House to take on 'too big to fail' - CNN/Money
Obama team ignores Volcker at its peril - MSN Money
Anything Less Than Full Disclosure is Unacceptable - Safe Haven
Is Citi being forced to downsize by Obama? - Credit Writedowns
No relief in sight for Main Street banks - CNN/Money

Wayward pilots were working on their laptops - AP
Will the Super Rich Evolve Into a Separate Species? - Discover
Golfer Greg Norman Lists Colorado Ranch for $55 Million - ZillowBlog
Full-time bloggers are making more money than ever - VentureBeat


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