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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fears of a New Chill in Home Sales - NY Times
Weak Dollar Is Protectionist Barrier: Bill Gross - CNBC
‘Jobs Created or Saved’ Is White House Fantasy - Baum, Bloomberg
Pay czar Feinberg increased base pay at U.S. firms: report - Reuters
Bond Weakling California Shows States’ Failure to Disclose Debt - Bloomberg
Housing slump hits California timber industry like a buzz saw - LA Times
Enablers of the Housing Bubble - Delong's Semi-Daily Journal
Protests at US bankers' convention - Guardian

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Stocks appear headed for slide - AP
Oil Falls With Equities Before Inventory Report - Bloomberg
Gold steadies around $1,040, ETF dips 2nd day in row - Reuters
Jim Cramer Takes Issue With Own Investing Tips Thrown Back At Him - DealBreaker
Gold to Rise to $2,000 Amid ‘Massive’ Inflation, Superfund Says - Bloomberg
Gold Blast-Off Starts Friday? - Numismaster

Durable goods orders rise 1 percent in September - AP
Consumer Confidence in U.S. Unexpectedly Decreases - Bloomberg
Economy is kick-started, but can it motor ahead? - Wash. Post
What recovery? Americans still gloomy on economy - AP
When Economists Collide - Bondad Blog

China Risks Bubbles With ‘Bernie Madoff Data’ - Bloomberg
Deflation fears as Eurozone and US credit contracts - Telegraph
Emerging-Market Stocks Head for Biggest 3-Day Drop in 4 Months - Bloomberg
Britain isn't working. Here are 10 ways to help restore growth - Telegraph
Irish Bar Values Plunge,Pub Culture Mirrors Economy Bust - Bloomberg
European Commision clears Northern Rock break up - Telegraph
Flaherty tackles pension shortfall - Globe Investor
Yen Rises on Stimulus-Exit Concern - Bloomberg

Nation's hottest housing market? Twin Cities - Star Tribune
S&P/Case-Shiller weighs in with August home prices - LA Land
Mortgage Bankers Association Selling Real Estate - WSJ Developments
Foreclosures double in Washington area - Wash. Post

Fed Unlikely to Shift Thinking on Interest Rates - CNBC
For Geithner, the Wrinkles Aren’t Just in Finance - DealBook
Bill Seeks to Shift Rescue Costs to Big Banks - NY Times
Treasury Talks to GMAC About Third Cash Infusion - CNBC

The Death of the Teapot Effect - Technology Review
Artists plan to encase vacant Detroit home in ice - AP
Pray for Me: I’m Going on The Daily Show Tonight - Freakonomics Blog
Suppose 21st Century Disasters Like 19th Century - Future Pundit


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