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Fight Over Blog Comments Hits High Court

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Aaron Krowne and the crew over at the Mortgage Lender Implode-O-Meter are in court once again, defending their right to disseminate news about mortgage lenders after being sued by New Hampshire-based The Mortgage Specialist who took affront to leaked company data showing up on the Implode-O-Meter website and some anonymous comments that reflected poorly on the company president.

Oral arguments in the New Hampshire Supreme Court were heard yesterday and no determination has yet been made as to whether a lower court ruling would be overturned.

Last year, The Mortgage Specialists won a temporary injunction requesting that a "2007 Loan Chart" document be removed from their website ( and that the source of the data be revealed along with the name of the anonymous commenter.

While both the loan chart and the offending comments were removed, neither of the sources were provided and so The Mortgage Specialists filed for and won a permanent injunction earlier this year which is now being appealed.

Additional details can be found here and here.

A central point of disagreement between the two parties is whether the Implode-O-Meter is entitled to the same rights as journalists and newspapers, groups that routinely publish news based on anonymous sources and leaked confidential documents.

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Dan said...

I would hope that a free press excludes having to get gov't permission to be a member of the press. I would hope. Therefore, I say yes, of course the Implod-o-meter has the same rights, otherwise, true sailing is dead.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The Internet is rapidly becoming the primary press. Failure to apply the Constitutional free press provisions to the Internet would effectively eliminate most of the free press.

We the people should ratify a Constitutional amendment specifically defining the Internet as part of the press, if necessary. Otherwise, the outlet that a significant portion of the people get their news from would not be free.

Anonymous said...

Implode-O-Meter has been proven to be more accurate than the MSM regarding the mortgage bubble.

How is it not the press? It is a reliable source about a topic of great interest. Implode-O-Meter has been ahead of the curve on the mortgage bubble the hole time (the biggest news story of my lifetime). The Mortgage Specialists are probably trying to hide the truth.

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