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Friday, November 06, 2009

Jobless Rate Jumps to 10.2% as Labor Market Still Weak - CNBC
A.I.G. Reports Profit but Warns of Continued Volatility - NY Times
Fannie Mae to allow borrowers in foreclosure to lease back homes - LA Times
Fannie’s Draws From Emergency Treasury Fund Reach $60 Billion - Bloomberg
A 25 Billion Dollar Secret: The NY Fed, Goldman & The AIG Cover-Up - Daily Bail
14 Charged With Insider Trading in Galleon Case - NY Times
Boomers in Denial About Retirement Savings - CNBC
Fred Hickey On Gold - Zero Hedge

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Oil nears $80 a barrel amid stock market surge - AP
Gold Price Spike: Don't Call It a Bubble - Seeking Alpha
This Bear-Market Rally Has 'Turned': Elliot Wave's Hochberg - CNBC
Goldman: India Has Been A Horrible Gold Trader - The Money Game
Demand for gold shares soars - Commodity Online
Dollar Could Fall to All-Time Low vs Euro - CNBC

Jobless Rate Hits 10.2% in October, a 26-Year High - NY Times
House votes to extend jobless benefits, expand home buyers' tax credit - Wash. Post
Year After Obama vs. McCain It's Obama vs. the Economy - ABC News
Retailers post best month since July '08 - Washington Post
Look who's hiring now - CNN/Money

Restructuring banks: The living dead - Economist
Scrap gold sales zoom in India over IMF gold deal - Commodity Online
China Blasts US Anti-Dumping Duties Ahead of Obama Visit - CNBC
Everything you need to know about the U.K. economy in four pictures - Telegraph
Darling Seeks G-20 Plan to Deal With Asset Bubbles - Bloomberg
G20 to stay the course on economic stimulus - Reuters
Royal Bank of Scotland posts $3 billion Q3 loss - AP
Rural job guarantees: Faring well - Economist

Real Estate’s Latest Chapter - Elliot Wave
Expanded tax credit lifts housing outlook - Herald Tribune
Skies to be bluer for local real estate - Sign on San Diego
Why This Real Estate Bust Is Different - BusinessWeek

Government Backed $4.3 Trillion in Assets Last Year - CNBC
What If BofA Had To Report Numbers Like Fannie Mae Did? - ClusterStock
Banks Thwarting Feinberg Pay Model by Changing Bonus Formulas - Bloomberg
Fed's balance sheet expands in latest week - Reuters

The cars that Chrysler is counting on - CNN/Money
Women, Children and Goldman Sachs Bankers First - Gawker
Business booms as Dr Doom plans company expansion - The Independent
The Berlin Wall: So much gained, so much to lose - Economist


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