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Inside the UCLA student protests

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Although the cost of higher education in California still probably compares favorably to other states (this data from 2004 shows there was a good deal of room to raise tuition costs back then), students are understandably not too happy about big increases as part of the state's never-ending effort to balance its budget.

Of course, the millennials would probably be a lot less peeved if more of the pain in California was shared by more of the Baby Boomers, particularly from this list of over 6,000 retired government workers that pull down $100,000 or more every year.

Surely Bruce Malkenhorst of Vernon could share some of his $499,674.84 pension to help out a couple dozen college kids.

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Anonymous said...

These "Brightest of Bright" UCLA students need to protest at the appropriate locatation. Tell them to Yahoo map the state capital and pretest the democratic controlled state legislature which has in essence bankrupted the state of California. If they did this, I would high five each one of them. Otherwise, they are a bunch of illiterate punk-ass kids.

Anonymous said...

Yes, punk-assed kids who don't know how to yahoo the "locatation" of the state capital and "pretest" the democratic controlled state legislature are clearly illiterate. Bravo, Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

The outrageous pension illustrates the real problem. Salary and benefit packages that are far higher than the median in private industry are the real reason for the cost increases. Time to eliminate the cushy tenured positions, and introduce real competition in teaching.

Let the free market set their salaries, and stop demanding taxpayer subsidies for their salaries/benefits.

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