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Monday, November 09, 2009

Gold hits record above $1,100/oz - Globe Investor
Stocks, Commodities Rally on G-20 Stimulus - Bloomberg
California's best years have passed, voters say - LA Times
Greenlight Capital founder calls for CDS ban - Financial Times
I'm doing 'God's work'. Meet Mr Goldman Sachs - Times Online
IMF: Record-Low U.S. Rates Funding Global ‘Carry Trade’ - Bloomberg
Five more banks fail - 120 for the year - CNN/Money
Up Against a Wall of Debt, Part II - NewsWeek
India's big vote for a gold rally - MSN Money
Inside the Global Gold Frenzy - NY Times

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Oil jumps toward $79 on hurricane, dollar - Reuters
Dollar down again as G20 backs ongoing stimulus - AP
Hedge funds pour money into gold, silver, copper - Commodity Online
The Mystery of the Rising Stock Market - Slate
The Second Wave Begins - Hussman Funds
A Path To Runaway US Inflation - Mises

Flaw in US Data Overstates Growth, Productivity - NY Times
Twin deficits will help gauge economic health - Washington Post
Small businesses struggling as unemployment goes higher - USA Today
Rosenberg: Unemployment in U.S. May Reach 13 Percent - Bloomberg
Earth to economists: Recession isn't over - CNN/Money
Construction nears standstill - Las Vegas Sun

China to Raise Fuel Prices on Monday - CNBC
China wants an economically independent Africa - Globe Investor
China's Wen urges U.S. to keep deficit at 'appropriate size' - MarketWatch
Japan Tops China Buying Treasuries After Lost Decade - Bloomberg
Bank of England says financiers are fuelling an economic 'doom loop' - Telegraph
Personal insolvencies rise to new record as unemployment bites - Independent
Geithner slaps down Gordon Brown's 'global tax' - Telegraph
Bank of Ireland set for state ownership - Independent
Who Cares About the Dollar? - Merk Funds

U.S. home prices flat in Q3, fewer "underwater" - Reuters
Default notices rising in upper echelon ZIPs - SF Gate
Reinflating the housing bubble makes no sense - Pioneer Press
Why This Real Estate Bust Is Different - BusinessWeek
Banks hold few foreclosures - O.C. Register

Fed's Bullard: Tighten Only When Recovery's 'Solid' - CNBC
The Fed's Nemesis: Exter's $2 Quadrillion Of "Liquidity" - Zero Hedge
Radical fixes for 'too big to fail' gain support - MarketWatch
Bankers Are Like Domino's Pizza Franchises: Expert - CNBC

The Technology Behind the Scam - IDD 'SNL' for the online crowd - LA Times
As oceans fall ill, Washington bureaucrats squabble - McClatchey
High-flying Big Sky humbled by bankruptcy, lawsuits - Bozeman Daily Chronicle



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