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Monday, November 30, 2009

Dubai World’s Debt Not Guaranteed by Government - Bloomberg
Regulators List Systemic Risk Institutions: Report - Reuters
Dubai and other specters overhanging the world economy - MarketWatch
Benign neglect may turn the dollar from safe haven to dangerous - Telegraph
Obama to push banks on mortgage modifications - CNN/Money
China, gold, and the civilization shift - Telegraph
Market waits for Dubai reality check - MarketWatch
Gold acquires new investment aura - Telegraph

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Oil rises to near $77 as Dubai debt fears ease - AP
A contrarian view on gold rally - Commodity Online
Gartman fund needs less talk, more action - Globe & Mail
China May Use Dubai Crisis to Purchase Gold and Oil - Bloomberg
Seven mistakes fund investors make the most - MarketWatch
How Larry Summers lost Harvard $1.8 billion - Reuters
The 5 biggest Wall Street conspiracies - MSN Money
Reckless Myopia - Hussman Funds

Cash is king for holiday shoppers - Reuters
Economy still too weak to create jobs - MarketWatch
More shoppers hit stores, but spend less than last year - MarketWatch
Food Stamp Use Soars, and Stigma Fades - NY Times
Eye on the consumer - CNN/Money

Risk, opulence and reality in Dubai - LA Times
Abu Dhabi stock market suffers worst one-day fall on record - Guardian
Wen Says Yuan Pressure Is ‘Unfair’ as Europe’s Lobbying Fails - Bloomberg
Chavez threatens to nationalize Venezuelan banks - Reuters
Beijing Plans to Continue Its Stimulus Next Year - WSJ
Dubai: an emerging market wake-up call - Telegraph
Yen Options Signal Intervention Threat no Bar to Gain - Bloomberg
Dangers of an Overheated China - NY Times

The FHA goes upmarket - Washington Post
U.S. Treasury to Push Lenders to Finish More Home Modifications - Bloomberg
Professor advises underwater homeowners to walk away from mortgages - LA Times
Judge blasts bad bank, erases 525G debt - NY Post

The right reform for the Fed - Bernanke, Washington Post
In-Geithner-We-Trust Bond Market Gets Lowest Yield - Bloomberg
Senator Sanders: "Ben Bernanke Is Part Of The Problem" - Zero Hedge
The 38 Year Cycle in US Monetary History - Jesse's Cafe

Video game portrays post-apocalyptic Dubai - Telegraph
Man apparently tried to haul away ATM in Colorado - AP
Think twice about shopping online from work - MarketWatch
Chimps Enjoy a Good Tune, Too - LiveScience


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