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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Senate extends home-buyer tax credit and jobless aid - LA Times
BOE expands money-printing programme to £200bn - Telegraph
House votes to accelerate credit card reform rules - USA Today
Junk Default Rate Is Highest Since Great Depression - Bloomberg
Some Wall Street Year-End Bonuses Could Hit Pre-Downturn Highs - NY Times
Countrywide ex-CEO Mozilo must face SEC fraud case - Reuters
'Money-Driven Medicine': How we got this mess - SF Gate
Is India clearing the way for gold 'moonshot'? - MarketWatch

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Oil falls below $80 on firmer dollar, weak equities - Reuters
Gold Declines After Rally to Record Prompts Sales - Bloomberg
Bullion: Investment mania grips gold and silver - Commodity Online
Jim Rogers v. Nouriel Roubini - Globe Investor
Are amateurs running your 401k? - MSN Money
World's 100 hottest gold stocks - Mineweb

Retailers post better-than-expected October sales - MarketWatch
Fed Signals Return to Growth Alone Won’t Warrant Rate Increase - Bloomberg
Reports Show Conflicting Number of Jobs Attributed to Stimulus Money - NY Times
Is 'cash-for-clunkers' to blame for the dramatic rise in used car prices? - USA Today
Arrogance, Ignorance Recurring in Economic History - PBS

Bank of England Adds to Stimulus - NY Times
ECB holds rates, clues on withdrawal steps sought - Reuters
Chinese Official Yao Warns of Threat From Inflation - Bloomberg
India Shows Hedge-Fund Savvy With Huge Gold Buy - Pesek, Bloomberg
Rates cut on savings account despite Bank rate being kept on hold - Telegraph
Spain Stocks Top Europe With 40% Latin America Profit - Bloomberg
Dubai Shares Fall on Moody’s Cuts, Oil Decline - Bloomberg
Japan Air Cutting 16 Routes - NY Times

Q&A: The Outlook for Home Foreclosures - Time
Commercial property market to hit bottom in 2010, report says - LA Times
FHA delays the release of disputed audit of its finances - Washington Post
6 signs your home will increase in value - MSN Money

Show us the jobs, the Fed says - MarketWatch
Fed stands by rock-bottom interest rates for near future - Washington Post
Banking Break-Up Is Template for Obama’s Zombies - Lynn, Bloomberg
Programs help 'unbanked' avoid high fees - USA Today

Feeling grumpy 'is good for you' - BBC
L.A.-area real estate agents are holding open mansions - LA Times
JPMorgan Arranging Alabama Swaps Provided Payoffs, SEC Shows - Bloomberg
Goldman Sachs Received H1N1 Vaccine Before Hospitals - ClusterStock


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