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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oil rise 'could derail recovery' - BBC
Wal-Mart plans Black Friday all-nighter - CNN/Money
Blankfein Invokes God and Man at Goldman Sachs - Bloomberg
Barrick shuts hedge book as world gold supply runs out - Telegraph
Wall Street Faces ‘Live Ammo’ as Congress Aims to Unravel Banks - Bloomberg
Home-Purchase Index in U.S. Plunges to Lowest Level Since 2000 - Bloomberg
Excerpt: Too Big to Fail and ZOMBIES - New York Magazine
Will rising oil prices derail the recovery? - EconBrowser

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Oil falls below $79; U.S. inventory in focus - Reuters
Booming precious metal prices drive gold rush - AP
Chart of the Day: The Dow priced in gold - Winkler, Reuters
3 Reasons Not to Believe In Gold's Recent Rally - Seeking Alpha
Did the US pressure the IEA over oil supply forecasts? - FT AlphaVille
Gold-heavy 'gold' funds do better in a crisis - MarketWatch

Ten most troubled states in the U.S. - CNN/Money
Initial Jobless Claims in U.S. Fall to 10-Month Low - Bloomberg
Think Tank: States May Cut 900,000 Jobs Without More U.S. Aid - WSJ Economics
U.S. Foreclosure Filings Surpass 300,000 for 8th Straight Month - Bloomberg
Inflation and Deflation - Mises

China's record debt has economists worried - Fortune
Fewer Britons expected to lose homes this year - Times Online
China central bank changes wording on yuan policy - MarketWatch
Central bank stresses inflation management amid credit boom -CHINADaily
Obama Meets Asian Bankers Who May Call His Loan - Pesek, Bloomberg
Bank of Korea holds steady at 2.0% as expected - MarketWatch
Taiwan faces tough choices in Chinese trade - MarketWatch
Japan Credit-Default Swaps Seen Unraveling - Bloomberg
Surprise rise in Australian jobs - BBC

3rd drop in foreclosures hints at recovery - USA Today
Renting Your House Back: A Solution to Foreclosures? - Time
Foreigners Making Bulk Purchases Of Distressed Florida Condos - Business Insider
Many trial, few permanent loan deals - O.C. Register
‘Housewives’ star not alone, short sales up 63% - O.C. Register

Geithner pays lip service to keeping dollar strong - LA Times
Excess Reserves not a Problem According to Goldman Sachs - Zero Hedge
Fed's role makes its next move key - Washington Post
Feds Charge $522K for FOIA Request - Wired

Bug Wears Armor Made of Poo - LiveScience
The 10 vital things you need to know about inherited IRAs - MarketWatch
1.5 lbs. of nails pulled from Peruvian's stomach - AP
The agony of Fox Business - Krugman, NY Times


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