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Thursday, November 19, 2009

House Committee to Vote on Fed Audits - Bloomberg
One million jobless face benefits loss in January - CNN/Money
Société Générale tells clients how to prepare for 'global collapse' - Telegraph
Warren Winning Means You Won’t Sell It If You Can’t Explain It - Bloomberg
China willing to buy IMF gold cheap, around $800/oz - Commodity Online
Bonds, stocks move together to cheer low-inflation recovery - MarketWatch
Goldman and the Smell of Guilt - Gasparino, Huffington Post
Post-Mortems Reveal Obvious Risk at Banks - NY Times
Lead Us Not Into Debt - The Atlantic

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Oil falls below $79 amid mixed economic signs - AP
Gold demand falls 34 percent in Q3: World Gold Council - Reuters
Goldman: There is no dollar-funded ‘carry bubble’ - FT AlphaVille
SocGen On Gold Mania, And Why Gold Is Very, Very Cheap - Zero Hedge
A Dow Theory buy and gold's latest high - MarketWatch
Junior Miners ETF's First Test - Seeking Alpha
Is $6,300 fair value for gold? - Telegraph
Paulson to launch gold fund - FT AlphaVille

U.S. jobless claims unchanged last week - Reuters
More members of middle class file for bankruptcy - USA Today
UC expected to raise student fees 32% - LA Times
The Deficit: Size Doesn’t Matter - New Deal 2.0
Digging out of a deep hole - Washington Post

Wen: China disagrees to so-called G2 - CHINADaily
UK borrowing spirals as tax receipts dwindle - Telegraph
OECD Doubles 2010 Growth Forecast, Recovery to Widen - Bloomberg
U.S. in standoff with Beijing over Chinese currency - LA NY Times
Indonesia May Sell First Bonds in Euros, Finance Official Says - Bloomberg
China wealth fund to invest $710 million in green-tech group - MarketWatch
U.S.-China Trade: Prepare for Continued Imbalance - Time
Goldman On The Dollar Carry Trade" - Zero Hedge
Amazing Pictures, Pollution in China - China Hush

Another wave of foreclosures looms - USA Today
Are Lenders "Cherry Picking" Loan Modifications? - AC
FHA-Backed Lending Is a ‘Train Wreck,’ Toll Says - Bloomberg
For the Young, Giving the House ‘Back to the Bank’ Is No Biggie - WSJ Developments
Regulator calls for ban on liar loans - Mortgage Insider
LA Times real estate blog folds - O.C. Register

Fed officials play down impact of weak dollar - Reuters
Geithner: 'The credit crunch is not over' - CNN/Money
Fed's Plosser: Central banks should set inflation targets - MarketWatch
Fed May Not Increase Rates Until 2012, Bullard Says - Bloomberg
Audit The Fed Effort Under Threat In House - Huffington Post
The Fed is sending gold higher - Reuters

Ben Stein’s sleazy paymasters, cont. - Salmon, Reuters
Trump Creditors Poised to Take Control of Casinos - Bloomberg
Glenn Beck Freaking Out About The Dollar Carry Trade - Business Insider
Pontiac Silverdome sold for $583,000 - CSM
Super Bowl ads are selling out - CNN/Money



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