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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Key oil figures were distorted by US pressure, says whistleblower - Guardian
Dodd to Propose Removing Fed, FDIC Bank Supervision - Bloomberg
Banker's bonuses: 40% bigger this year - CNN/Money
Fed's Tarullo: Don't break up big banks - MarketWatch
Gold - a six thousand year-old bubble - Buiter, FT
Laid-off workers tapping 401(k) funds to survive - Chicago Sun Times
Financial innovation is Wall Street's new 'soul sickness' - MarketWatch
What's booming in a recession? Lobbying in D.C. -
Dreams Die Hard - Kunstler, CFN

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Oil falls to near $79 as hurricane weakens - AP
Gold Drops for First Day in Three as Dollar Rebounds - Bloomberg
Nouriel Roubini: The Coming Commodities Correction - HAI
Mad Dash Into the Year End Statement Print - Zero Hedge
Investors' Thinking: Time to Hedge Gold Stocks - HAI
Grandich vs Nadler - National Post

Not all bubbles present a risk to the economy - Mishkin, FT
Keynes, Friedman Give Way to the Master of Gloom - Bloomberg
Can’t Make Rent? More Landlords Willing To Negotiate - WSJ Developments
Most common Clunkers deal: old pickup for new pickup - Contra Costa Times
For “new economics,” look to old economists - Reuters
Sprint to slash up to 2,500 jobs - CNN/Money

RBI may’ve sold US T-bills to buy gold - Economic Times
Asia Risks Bubble of 'Mind-Boggling Size': Economist - CNBC
China’s House Prices Jump 3.9%, Most in 14 Months - Bloomberg
For brave investors, Zimbabwe could be the ultimate turnaround story - Telegraph
Fitch Says U.K. Rating Most at Risk Among Top-Rated - Bloomberg
Japan faces risk of ratings downgrade over debt - Reuters
Europe's industry slams China over currency - Telegraph
Blowing emerging bubbles - FT AlphaVille
'Banks on steroids' worry France - BBC

FHA's reserve fund hits 7-year low - Washington Post
Wildlife returns to abandoned Contra Costa County subdivisions - Contra Costa Times
Property Index Predicts We're Less than Halfway Through Fall - Seeking Alpha
46% of South Florida homeowners are `underwater' - Miami Herald

Banks say companies are reluctant to borrow - USA Today
The Fed's Various Open Market Intervention Techniques - Zero Hedge
UCBH, which accepted almost $300 million, fails - MarketWatch
A Squeeze on Customers Ahead of New Rules - NY Times

PE Pro in Zany Scuffle Over Leftover Wine! - PE Hub
Lapdancers, call girls suing her City boss for £4m - Mail Online
Japanese fishing trawler sunk by giant jellyfish - Telegraph
This credit-card offer isn't in the mail - MarketWatch


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