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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Audit Faults New York Fed in A.I.G. Bailout - NY Times
The Face Value of Obama's First Visit to China - ChinaStakes
Gold will never fall below $1,000 an ounce: Faber - LiveMint
Bernanke Signals ‘Extended’ Low-Rate Period May Become Longer - Bloomberg
More holiday shoppers may go cash only, no credit cards - USA Today
A better way to regulate financial markets: Asset based reserve requirements - FT
Fed's Kohn Sees No Asset Bubbles Building in US - CNBC
The Fate of the Yeast People - Kunstler, CFN
The Debt Economy - New Yorker

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Oil down to near $78 as dollar rebounds - AP
Forget gold stocks, buy gold: Jim Rogers - Commodity Online
Irrational exuberance makes return engagement - Kellner, MarketWatch
Sprott: Gold Momentum's Picking Up Dramatically - The Gold Report
Meredith Whitney: Turns Bearish - CNBC
‘Tis the Season? - Saut, Raymond James
Commodity inflation - EconBrowser

Number of Americans going hungry increases - AP
Producer Prices Increase Less Than Forecast - Bloomberg
The madness of the inflation hawks - Krugman, NY Times
Small business loans: $10 billion evaporates - CNN/Money
V Is For Vicious Cycle - Forbes
Coming Soon: Jobs! - Slate

IMF chief urges China to let yuan rise - AP
UK inflation rises for the first time since February - Telegraph
China slams U.S. Federal Reserve's low interest rates - USA Today
HSBC chairman warns excessive bank reforms will hurt recovery - Telegraph
Tiny Mauritius Buys 2 Metric Tons Of Gold From IMF - Zero Hedge
Kuwait Shares Drop Most in World as Agility Indicted in U.S. - Bloomberg
Brazilian Economy Grew About 9% in Third Quarter, Lula Says - Bloomberg
Obama asked to control separatists in US - CHINADaily

Mortgage Delinquencies Hit Another Record - CNBC
Mid-to-High End Housing & Borrower Reality - Mark Hanson
Beware a mortgage-rate spike this spring - CNN/Money
America's Newest Land Baron: FDIC - WSJ

Fed's Yellen: Can't have loose policy for too long - Reuters
Bernanke Says ‘Not Obvious’ Asset Prices Misaligned - Bloomberg
Fed Officials Wonder: Should We Ever Raise Rates to Burst a Bubble? - WSJ Economics
The Fed’s Evolving View on Bubbles: Never Say Never - WSJ Economics
Investors strategize for Fed's exit from MBS market - Reuters
FedSpeak Translation 11/16 - Market Ticker

Microsoft Co-founder Allen Diagnosed with Cancer - CNBC
Tungsten and its use in making fake gold - Commodity Online
Protesters Stage Angry Anti-Goldman Rally In Washington - Business Insider
Cyborg Trading: Where fantasy finance meets the real world - FT AlphaVille
Answers To 15 More Google Interview Questions - Silicon Valley Insider


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