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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Economy's rebound not as strong as first thought - AP
Obama’s Trumped-Up Job Count Flunks Science Test - Baum, Bloomberg
Goldman Next as Perp Walk Fails to Satisfy: Brendan Moynihan - Bloomberg
Freddie Mac trying to minimize exposure from failed lender - Washington Post
U.S. State Tax Revenue Fell 11 Percent in Fourth Quarterly Drop - Reuters
The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society - The Public Record
Will Private Equity Be the Next Meltdown? - Time
Courting Convulsion - Kunstler, CFN

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Oil slips towards $77 as markets await data - AP
Gold holds near $1,170/oz but dollar caps gains - Reuters
Individuals Rushing to Bear-Market Funds From JPMorgan to Pimco - Bloomberg
World oil demand growth to outpace supply in 2010: poll - Reuters
The Stock Market's Lengthy Topping Process - SafeHaven
Gold Will Collapse Like Oil Did in 2008 - CNBC
Bad Trade?! - Saut, Raymond James

US Home Prices Up 5th Month, 2nd Straight Quarter - CNBC
U.S. Economy Expanded at a 2.8% Rate in Third Quarter - Bloomberg
Price War Brews Between Amazon and Wal-Mart - NY Times
Goodbye jobs, hello mom and dad, say young adults - AP
For the Hotel Industry, Recovery is a Long Way Off - NY Times

China Seeks to Slow Rapid Growth of Lending - NY Times
RBS, Lloyds Are Doomed by State’s Do-Good Owners - Bloomberg
China calls for closer economic ties with Peru - CHINADaily
Dubai Autonomy Fades as Crisis Strengthens Abu Dhabi - Bloomberg
Popular mortgage deals fall below 5 per cent - TimesOnline
King Concerned Over Bailed-Out Banks’ Move to Trading - Bloomberg
Bank of England propped up RBS, HBOS with £61.6bn - Telegraph
Russia Cuts Rate to Record Low to Aid Lending - Bloomberg

1 in 4 mortgages 'underwater' - CNN/Money
Tax credit - market savior or addiction? -
Checking the Health of the Housing Recovery - BusinessWeek
Latest Facts About The State Of The Housing Market - Business Insider

Fed to Ask Stress-Tested Banks to Submit TARP Plans - Bloomberg
Audit the Fed Attached as an Amendment - Paul, Texas Straigth Talk
Fischer Speaking Means Bernanke Listening When Rates Fluctuate - Bloomberg
Kroszner: Audit Measure Would Curtail Fed Independence - Bloomberg

Homer Pulls the Plug on His Bubble Blog - The Source
Bend Bubble 2 -- The Final Curtain - Bend Bubble
Shanghai Disneyland's final plans unveiled - CHINADaily
Real estate bust opens doors for parties at vacant houses - USA Today



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