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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

$500 Million and Apology From Goldman - NY Times
In China, Obama's hosts show no signs of budging - LA Times
Obama: Too much debt could fuel double-dip recession - Reuters
Why Obama makes little headway balancing US-China trade - CSM
Obama's Job Approval Rating Falls Below 50% in Quinnipiac Poll - Bloomberg
Obama Bows to Japan’s Emperor, Snubs Adam Smith - Baum, Bloomberg
A tale of two American economies - Roubini, Globe and Mail
S.F. home value drop, jobless drain city budget - SF Gate
Are Chinese exports good for America? - CNN/Money

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Oil up near $80 as US crude supplies drop - AP
Gold hits record near $1,150/oz as dollar slips - Reuters
Innovative Analytic Tool Empowers Investors - Information Security Resources
The other side of the dollar: The truth behind currency devaluation - MarketWatch
China: Gold, silver, platinum jewelry market booms - Commodity Online
Baltic Dry Index at 2009 high and what it means - Commodity Online
Chartists sense golden opportunity for bullion - Reuters

Autos, energy push up October consumer prices - Reuters
Housing Starts in U.S. Unexpectedly Plunge 11% - Bloomberg
Of the signs of recovery, few say 'Help Wanted' - Washington Post
California faces a projected deficit of $21 billion - LA Times
Signs point to a lukewarm recovery - Washington Post
Forget $100 oil - $80 oil is a problem - CNN/Money

Bank's chief economist fears a new asset price bubble - Telegraph
China Faces Asset-Bubble Risk, PBOC Adviser Fan Says - Bloomberg
Dollar Woes Are Good News for Europe’s Markets - Lynn, Bloomberg
Chinese Go Hog Wild Shorting The Dollar - Business Insider
BOE Policy Makers Split Three Ways on Bond Program - Bloomberg
Allied Irish Banks increases bad-debt forecast - MarketWatch
UK house prices: peak for affordability 'now over' - Telegraph
Inflation in Canada posts first rise since May - Globe and Mail

Ten Questions on the Volatile Housing Market - WSJ
Philadelphia Gives Homeowners a Way to Stay Put - NY Times
HOWTO: Loan Audits and Qualified Attorneys - I Am Facing Foreclosure
Southern California home prices edge upward again in October - LA Times
U.S. mortgage applications drop even as rates fall - Reuters

Risky Banks Would Get Broken Up In Kanjorski Plan - CNBC
Fed to Cut Maximum Maturity of Discount Window Loans to 28 Days - Bloomberg
Help (still) wanted: Bank of America CEO - CNN/Money
House Dems sharpening "too big to fail" plan - Reuters

McAfee warns of Cold War-style computer attack - SF Gate
Lender That Really Does God’s Work Is Slowed by Funding Decline - Bloomberg
FBI seeks 'Geezer Bandit' in California bank robberies - AP
Airliner to set record with 800 passengers - Guardian


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