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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Home Prices May Be Nearing a New Dip - NY Times
Fed: super-low rates could fuel speculative bubble - AP
Dead Battery of the Decade Award: Alan Greenspan - Wall St. Cheat Sheet
In Crazy New Landscape For Banks, Taxpayers Are The Big Losers - HuffPost
AIG board OKs CEO pay, as Benmosche agrees to stay - Reuters
Peak Gold, Easier to Model than Peak Oil? - Part I - The Oil Drum
Goldman's secret moral pathology - MarketWatch
No lending, no recovery - CNN/Money

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Crude oil slips below $76 a barrel - AP
Gold Advances to Record for Second Time This Week - Bloomberg
Top growth fund manager dumps Apple, Google - Reuters
Does "Dr. Doom" Believe His Own Press? - HuffPost
Are Dollar Bears Too Bullish? - Barron's
Gold Isn't The Only Metal - Forbes

Wednesday's Economic News Could Tilt Markets - CNBC
Blacks hit hard by economy's punch - Washington Post
Retailers jostle for Black Friday business - MarketWatch
Wary consumers, rising unemployment snag recovery - AP
Confessions of a Black Friday Shopper - CNBC

Japan Exports Fall Least in a Year - Bloomberg
Most global banks are still unsafe, warns S&P - Telegraph
ECB to Put Adjustable Rate on 12-Month Loans - Bloomberg
U.S. Looks to Australia on Credit Card Fees - NY Times
Asian Stocks Rise, Australian Central Bank Fuels Growth Hopes - Bloomberg
Chief of I.M.F. Urges Continued Stimulus Efforts - NY Times

Really? Michigan housing chief in default - O.C. Register
Housing Bottom? "Not Even Close," Barry Ritholtz Says - Tech Ticker
Case-Shiller Predicts Massive 45% Fall From Today’s Values - Implode-O-Meter
Home Price Bounce Falters at the High End - Piggington

Interest rates at center stage - Macroblog
Fed sees slow recovery holding jobless rate high - MarketWatch
Fed Admits That ZIRP Could Fuel A New Speculative Bubble - Business Insider
How to shrink the banks - Prospect

'Godfather of Spam' going to prison - CNN/Money
Paltry sale for once-proud dome in once-proud city - AP
Toyota recalls 100,000 Tundra trucks - CNN/Money
Facebook creates dual-class structure, but no IPO - AP


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