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Will the $50 "limit up" for gold hold?

Saturday, November 07, 2009

The crystal ball was in fine form earlier in the week when, in this item from Monday, the question of another $50 surge for the price of gold early in the month was in store.
IMAGE Of course, the Reserve Bank of India had a lot to do with rising prices over the last few days, the first week of November seeing a move up of ... about $50 an ounce.

The question now becomes, "Will the $50 limit hold or will sellers suddenly show up?"


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Anonymous said...

"Will the $50 limit hold or will sellers suddenly show up?"

I dont give a damn what they do.

I bought a few years back and I'm holding tight.

Let the traders crash the market if they want. All the way back to $100 if they want; I'm buying, and anyone with any brains is buying too.

PS - my word verification is 'hesitant' - I kid you not :)

Tim said...

I think the word verification computer is trying to mess with you...

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