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The BBC 2009 global financial quiz

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here's a fun little quiz from the BBC about financial market events and economic developments around the world that probably wouldn't be mentioned here if I hadn't just gotten 10 out of 10. I suppose you could go back and fix your answers (like on some DMV tests) in order to get a perfect score, but that's not what was done to generate this congratulatory message:
It's a good thing question #11 wasn't, "Who's Robert Preston?" because I haven't a clue.

The ten multiple choice questions are as follows:

  1. Which country introduced a car scrappage scheme in January that went on to become the biggest scheme in the world?
  2. The price of US light crude oil hit its lowest level of the year on 12 February, but what was the price?
  3. Which UK company, which ran some of the best-known fashion retailers on the High Street, went into administration in March?
  4. Which country unveiled in April its third major economic stimulus package since the onset of the financial crisis worth $150bn (£94bn)?
  5. Which two well-known European carmakers announced in May they had agreed to merge?
  6. Which US carmaking giant filed for bankruptcy on 1 June?
  7. Eurozone unemployment hit a 10-year high in July, but which country had the highest unemployment rate?
  8. Figures released in August showed that which two major economies exited recession between April and June?
  9. Which country passed a provisional banking code in September that limits bonuses to no more than 100% of a banker's annual salary?
  10. In October, which country became the first G20 nation to raise its interest rates since the onset of the financial crisis?
  11. Which US food giant made a hostile bid of $16.4bn (£9.8bn) for UK confectioner Cadbury in November?
  12. The price of gold hit its highest level on record in December, but what was the price?
I think I guessed at one or two but, nonetheless, perfect is always good.


UPDATE - 12/31/09 9:45 AM PST

Uh... There are 12 questions, not 10. Nevermind that stuff above about perfection...

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Dan said...

I got eight right.
My Quiz Result:
"Are you an economist - right half of the time?!"

Ummm... 8 of 12 is greater than half... perhaps it is the BBC that is the "economist"?

Tim said...

Silly me. I thought there were only 10 questions. Oh well... Ten out of 12 is still a B which, as I recall, is good.

Tim said...

It seems I missed #3 and #9, both of which sound like trick questions to me...

Dan said...

Yeah, I screwed up on #'s
2 (oil price - forgot),
3 (I wouldn't have known otherwise),
4 (lost track) and
11 (didn't care, but thought it was Hershey's for some reason)

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing question #11 wasn't, "Who's Robert Preston?" because I haven't a clue.

You should try reading his blog!

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