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Friday, December 04, 2009

Jobs summit underscores dilemma - Washington Post
Bernanke Says Fed ‘Should Have Done More’ - NY Times
Japan's Hirano says no plan to sell US Treasuries - Bloomberg
Republican To Place Additional Hold On Bernanke Confirmation - FDL
Bernanke’s Booby Prize Waits Behind Door No. 1 - Bloomberg
Bernanke defends record in bid for second term - Reuters
The repercussions of Dubai: Dishdashed - Economist
How much should Goldman pay Blankfein? - Reuters
A tale of two unemployment rates - Economist

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Oil skids below $76 ahead of US jobs report - AP
Gold drops as traders lock in gains - MarketWatch
China wary of gold 'bubble’ danger after quietly doubling its reserves - Telegraph
Investors last month continued to pull money out of stock funds - MarketWatch
Investment guru urges US dollar exodus - ABC News
The Four Scenarios For 2010 - Zero Hedge

Payrolls Fell Only 11,000 Last Month, Jobless Rate at 10% - CNBC
U.S. Retail Chains Report a Lackluster November - NY Times
Hyperinflation is the least of our worries - MarketWatch
Near-Zero Rates Are Hurting the Economy - WSJ
Productivity revised down, still best in 6 years - MarketWatch
ISM Services Index Unexpectedly Contracts -

Economics focus: Default lines - Economist
German central bank says recovery on track - AP
Battling deflation in Japan: Waking up to reality - Economist
Hatoyama to Unveil Stimulus Plan as Economy Weakens - Bloomberg
China Blames Foreign Banks for Derivatives Losses - Bloomberg
South Korea revises economic growth upward - MarketWatch
Risk after Dubai: When sovereign doesn't mean safe - Economist
Switzerland's 300 richest lose $10 billion in 2009 - AP

Loans Deteriorate 3 to 1 in October: LPS - Housing Wire
An Interview with a Commercial Real Estate Insider - Pragmatic Capitalist
Owner fears for house waiting for permanent mortgage modification - MarketWatch
N.H. foreclosures continue to rise - Concord Monitor

Congress grills Bernanke, but second term likely - AP
Bernanke May Get Second Term at Fed Shorn of Bank Supervision - Bloomberg
Bernanke Channels Willie Sutton In Assault On Social Security - HuffPost
The Bernanke Record - WSJ

Cheerleaders get fired up about Salahi - Washington Post
Woods attracts fan sympathy, but slammed by media experts - Reuters
Putin Drops Hint About Run for Russian Presidency - Bloomberg
That Goldman Sachs Xmas Party Menu (in Full) - Cassandra Does Tokyo


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