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Gold beats all this decade

Thursday, December 24, 2009

From a report earlier in the week comes this Chart of the Day on one of the decade's best investments, a graphic that, in the decade ahead, may help more individuals utter the words "invest" and "gold" in the same sentence without also including the word "not".
IMAGE See? Bloomberg includes both words in the chart and in the lead paragraph of the story:

Investors who bought gold or commodities at the beginning of the decade should have tripled their money by the time the ball drops in New York’s Times Square on Dec. 31. Stock holders will be poorer.
Of course, the beginning/ending years play a big role in the performance disparity in the chart above, but, when comparing gains for the decade you have little choice in the matter. You would, however, see similar results when starting from anytime 2000 or later, after the "Brown Bottom" in gold, so named for U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown having sold half of England's gold stash (300+ tonnes) at just $275 an ounce.

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