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Monday, December 14, 2009

Obama's Big Sellout - Taibbi, Rolling Stone
Abu Dhabi Bails Out Dubai World With $10 Billion - Bloomberg
Citigroup Says It Has Reached a Deal to Repay Bailout Funds - NY Times
America is angry, but Wall Street's bankers are still living the high life - Guardian
Interview with US Economic Recovery Advisory Board Chair Paul Volcker - Spiegel Online
IRS hires "hundreds" for new wealth unit - Reuters
Q3 2009 Flow of Funds - Noland, Prudent Bear
Too big to succeed - Guardian

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Oil slips to around $69, falls for 9th day - Reuters
Gold rises as Dubai bailout hits dollar - MarketWatch
Roubini Blasts "The Barbarous Relic," Recommends Spam Over Gold - Zero Hedge
Asylum Markets of the post FIRE Economy – Part I: Locked Up - iTulip
Obama Versus the "Fat Cats" - CBS News
Decidedly Speculative - Hussman Funds

Being frugal is back in fashion - LA Times
Pieces for solid 4th quarter falling into place - MarketWatch
Americans Owe Less. That’s Not All Good. - NY Times
Taxpayers' pension tab starts spike - PennLive
White House economists see jobs growth by spring - Reuters

Greece defies Europe as EMU crisis turns deadly serious - Telegraph
U.A.E. Stocks, Nakheel Bonds Rise, Default Risk Falls on Rescue - Bloomberg
Chinese government in race to spend £180bn by the end of the year - Telegraph
Is urban migration the solution to China’s problems? - China Financial Markets
Venezuela Bolivar Plunges as Chavez Threatens Bank Seizures - Bloomberg
'No chance' Ireland will be forced out of monetary union - Independent
Japan Tankan Business Sentiment Rises at Slower Pace - Bloomberg
Greece warned to act - FT AlphaVille

Where U.S. Homes Are Most Overpriced - Forbes
Tracking the U.S. housing market's rise, fall and rebound - USA Today
Interest Rates Are Low, but Banks Balk at Refinancing - NY Times
Confessions of an Underwater Homeowner - WSJ

A Ben Bernanke report card - Washington Post
Beat up Bernanke if You Want, Senators, but Please Reconfirm Him - Brookings
Fed can do no more to cut unemployment: Greenspan - Reuters
Sliding back towards a Gold Standard - Prudent Bear

How did Tiger keep his secrets? - LA Times
Accenture marks 1st sponsor to cut ties with Woods - AP
Gordon Ramsay Flees Kitchen as TV Fame Saves Restaurant Empire - Bloomberg
Scepticism's limits - Economist


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