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Monday, December 28, 2009

Wen Pledges to Cool China Property Prices - Bloomberg
As college costs rise, loans become harder to get - Washington Post
War on Wall Street as Congress Sees Returning to Glass-Steagall - Bloomberg
“The Last Time That Happened Was During the Great Depression” - Dollar Collapse
A plan for getting California's fiscal house in order - LA Times
Stocks higher? Famed investor says don't bet on it - AP
Do we need a new reserve currency? - Business 24/7
Credit crunch: Home equity lending evaporates - AP

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Oil hits 4-week high above $78 on colder weather - Reuters
Gold Bubble Debate: Is it wise to invest in gold? - Commodity Online
At Tiny Rates, Saving Money Costs Investors - NY Times
Top 10 Investment Newsletters of 2009 - MarketWatch
Growing chorus says oil has peaked - The National
Stocks to wrap up 2009 on high note - Reuters

The Recession Begins Flooding Into the Courts - NY Times
Weak economy motivates Americans to save more - Washington Post
Krugman: 'Reasonably High Chance' Economy Will Contract Next Year - HuffPost
Retailers get a modest gift this holiday season - LA Times
Back From the Brink (but Watch Your Step) - NY Times

Dubai drafts in debt expert David Anderson - Telegraph
Canada’s rate hikes will be tied to the Fed - Globe and Mail
Celtic Tiger finished off by debunked ‘miracle’ - Times Online
Japan’s Stocks Offer Bets on China 20 Years After Nikkei Peak - Bloomberg
Chinese government warns developers about land hoarding - Danwei
Japan’s Industrial Production Rises 2.6% on Exports - Bloomberg
‘Hot Money’ Adds to China Asset Volatility, Fan Says - Bloomberg
China won't be pressured over yuan peg: Wen - Reuters

Fannie and Freddie's End Run - Fox Business
Where’s the help for homeowners? - Bend Bulletin
The Secret Reason We Eliminated The GSE Bailout Caps - Business Insider
Home sweet rental - NY Post

Morgan Stanley Sees 5.5% Note as U.S. Faces Deficits - Bloomberg
Mortgage Anxieties Mean Fannie-Freddie Limbo as Fed Pulls Back - Bloomberg
Where's The Plan On Foreclosures? Force Banks To Reduce Loans! - HuffPost
Treasuries Drop on Concern Recovery May Reduce Sale Demand - Bloomberg

Donkeys escape from live nativity scene in Colo. - AP
There are 15,740 Social Media Experts on Twitter - Mashable
Sweden's Pirate Party battles Web laws - LA Times
Paul Volcker is engaged! - Fortune


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