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Oil and gold contest update #2

Saturday, December 05, 2009

This is update #2 for the year-end oil and gold contest with last week's relatively small move down and to the left belying the volatility that was seen in recent days.IMAGE That's Ted S. snuggled up close to the recently added yellow diamond representing the closing prices for oil and gold yesterday - $75.47 a barrel and $1,161 an ounce, respectively.

Ted's combined error of about two percent (less than two percent when using the square root of the sum of the squares - or something like that - under the "Diff. Alt." heading in the table below) looks pretty darn good right about now, the only problem being that there are four weeks left to go. Something tells me that, by the end of the year, prices will be nowhere near Ted's guesses, especially for gold - what direction they'll head is anyone's guess.

The rest of the top ten are shown below with RA, CS, and PR not far back from the top spot.
Yours truly is in position #32 out of about 70 or so, far away from the action at the moment, but also far better than the performance last time around.

Recall that the winner receives a free one-year subscription to Iacono Research where the model portfolio had a modest setback of 0.3 percent last week but maintains a quite respectable gain of almost 21 percent for the year.


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