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Thursday, December 31, 2009

World stocks close out bumper 2009 with gains - AP
Support grows for tackling nation's debt - Washington Post
Printing money is a game with potentially dangerous results - Telegraph
China Strongly Opposes U.S. Duties on Chinese Pipes - Bloomberg
AIG says general counsel Kelly resigns over pay cut - MarketWatch
Precious Metals to glitter in 2010 -Commodity Online
The year that was: Global financial quiz 2009 - BBC
GMAC Gets $3.8 Billion More in Aid - NY Times

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Oil above $79 after year of recovery - Reuters
Gold Rises, Heading for Ninth Annual Advance - Bloomberg
Art Cashin: Markets are Overvalued Like 'Nasdaq 4,000' - CNBC
Commodities Heading for Best Year Since 1970 on Chinese Demand - Bloomberg
Rep. Murtha's earmarks lead to fewer jobs than promised -Washington Post
2010 Forecast: Gold to hit $1500, Silver to hit $25 - Commodity Online

Jobless Claims Post Surprise Drop; Seasonality at Play - CNBC
The Coming Great Inflation—Is It Real or Imagined? - Reuters
Parents use savings to support adult children - Telegraph
Apartment renters win as vacancy rate climbs - USA Today
What's in store for the economy in 2010 - SF Gate

Eurozone credit contraction accelerates - Telegraph
Zhou: 2010 Crucial Year for ‘Defeating’ Crisis - Bloomberg
Chinese buyers boost Canadian mining stocks - Mineweb
China Property Bubble May Lead to U.S.-Style Real Estate Slump - Bloomberg
With Greece Teetering, the Worst May Not Be Over for Europe - NY Times
US moves to place new duties on steel from China - China Daily
UK House prices rise 0.9% in November - TimesOnline
Iceland approves new Icesave deal - BBC

Fannie, Freddie: Too Big To Shrink - HuffPost
Don’t Be Fooled by the Housing Market’s False Bottom - Money Morning
Housing Bubble: Let House Prices Do What They Must - National Ledger
Housing In 2010 - Forbes

Smooth Treasury Auctions May Fade in 2010 - CNBC
Mortgage Bond Rally May End, Rates Rise as Fed Stops Purchases - Bloomberg
Treasuries Head for Worst Performance Among G-7 on Supply Woes - Bloomberg
What to do about those danged bank lobbyists - Time

Radio Host Limbaugh Taken to Honolulu Hospital - NBC
Orange promises end to crackly mobile phone calls - Telegraph
Burj Dubai Showcases "Vertical Travel" with World's Highest Elevators - Brunei World
Year of Gay China - China Daily



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