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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

After Dubai, Trying to Predict the Next Blowup - NY Times
BOJ to Provide 10 Trillion Yen in Emergency Credit - Bloomberg
Why Japan's Latest Attempt to Boost its Economy Won't Work - Time
Good Bye! The Reappointment Of Bernanke Is Too Much To Bear - Taleb, HuffPost
Debtwatch No 41, December 2009: 4 Years of Calling the GFC - Debtwatch
Report Cites Big Shortfall in Reserves at A.I.G. - NY Times
Lower loan target likely for lenders in 2010 - China Daily
The FP Top 100 Global Thinkers - Foreign Policy
Pension tension on the rise - Fortune
Wickedness Abides - Kunstler, CFN

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Oil rises above $78 on Chinese data, weaker dollar - AP
Gold hits record near $1,200/oz as dollar slips - Reuters
Exchange traded fund profits may result in higher taxes - USA Today
Gold Buyers Nip at Ultimate Emotional Experience - Pauly, Bloomberg
Why a run on the U.S. dollar will start soon - StockHouse
Don`t Worry About the Dollar! - Saut, Raymond James

Unemployed U.S.-born workers seek day-labor jobs - USA Today
Reducing Jobless Will Take Time: White House's Summers - CNBC
Black Friday Points to a Grim Holiday Season for Retailers - The Atlantic
Obama's love of Wall Street will trigger the Great Depression 2 - MarketWatch
More Late on Auto Loan Payments in Third Quarter - CNBC

Lower loan target likely for lenders in 2010 - China Daily
N. Korea Revalues Currency to Curb Free Trade - NY Times
Australia Increases Benchmark Interest Rate to 3.75% - Bloomberg
China's overdue credit-card debt reported rising sharply - MarketWatch
Chinese Manufacturing Accelerates as Asia Leads Global Rebound - Bloomberg
Fear of creditor wipe-out as Dubai jettisons conglomerate - Times Online
Things are quiet at Keppel harbour. Too quiet. - Temasek Hedge
Protectionism, yuan pressure 'unfair': Wen - China Daily

City bonuses boost London property prices - Times Online
Mortgage Modification: Bank Bailouts By Another Name? - Baker, HuffPost
The Housing Crisis And Wall Street Shame (Or Lack Thereof) - Reich, HuffPost
Viewpoint: For subprime, is it deja vu all over again? - Housing Wire

Geithner under fire - CNN/Money
The Right Reform for the Fed - The Aleph Blog
Audit the Fed: Bernanke and the Bankers Are Running Scared - Prison Planet
Tell Your Senator No On Bernanke - Naked Capitalism
NY Fed to Test Reverse Repos - WSJ Economics

Hotel Portion of Binion's to Close - Las Vegas Now
Arming Goldman With Pistols Against Public - Bloomberg
Chelsea Clinton Engaged To Goldman Sachs's Marc Mezvinsky - Business Insider
Top Word of 2009: Twitter - Global Language Monitor


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