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Friday, January 22, 2010

Volcker whacks Goldman Sachs - Fortune
Bank stocks down after Obama proposal - AP
With Populist Stance, Obama Takes On Banks - NY Times
‘Volcker Rule’ Vindicates Former Fed Chief’s Regulations Push - Bloomberg
Marc Faber: White House Should Let Markets Work - CNBC
Goldman trims pay, posts profit as shares fall - Reuters
Big government: Stop! - Economist
WSJ Jumps the Shark - TBP

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Futures off on Obama plan, delayed Bernanke vote - Reuters
Oil falls below $76 amid weak demand - AP
Is gold price set for crash below $1,000? - Commodity Online
Second years of Presidential terms aren't always bad for stocks - MarketWatch
Dow goes negative for 2010 as sellers swarm - LA Times
Getting in on China's stock boom - CNN/Money

In a Tough Job Market, Teens Are Suffering Most - Time
Edwards: Central Banks Complicit In Robbing The Middle Classes - Zero Hedge
U.S. Economy: Leading Index Rises More Than Forecast - BusinessWeek
Richard Russell: Do Really Bad Times Lie Ahead? - PragCap
NBER Intrigue - TBP

China to broaden use of yuan-settlement facilities - MarketWatch
Japan Faces ‘Uncontrollable Rise’ in Public Debt, Yosano Says - Bloomberg
Russian Central Bank Dives Into Canadian Dollar Reserves - Business Insider
The Next Financial Crisis Has a Name and it's the United Kingdom - HuffPost
U.K. December retail sales fall short of expectations - MarketWatch
China’s Growth Surge May Make Inflation Task Tougher - Bloomberg
Toyota issues new recall for 2.3 million vehicles - LA Times
Is China's economy growing too fast? - Economist

Housing pain ahead? - Mortgage Insider
Loan modification? Good luck with that - MarketWatch
Treasury Weighs Fixes to a Program to Fend Off Foreclosures - NY Times
Most Cities Still Won in Housing Boom - CNBC

Geithner aired concern on bank limits-sources - Reuters
Direct Bids Creep In To 4-Week Treasury Auction - WSJ
Senate Dems Not Sure They Can Get Enough Votes to Reconfirm Bernanke - ABC News
NY Fed MBS Purchases and Option Expiration Weeks - Jesse's Cafe
Banks may shed private equity assets in Obama plan - Reuters

Air America going dark - CNN/Money
The Secrets of Looking Good on the Dance Floor - Spiegel Online
Ecstasy-to-drive Lotus Evora leaves one question: Take a check? - LA Times
Rage and record earnings at Goldman - New York Post


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