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Monday, January 11, 2010

Ben Bernanke has learnt so little - Chancellor, FT
The Fed and the Crisis: A Reply to Ben Bernanke - Taylor, WSJ
Federal Reserve Seeks to Block Release of U.S. Bailout Secrets - Bloomberg
House panel wants Geithner to testify about New York Fed and AIG - Washington Post
As 401(k) accounts spring back, calls for reform recede - LA Times
Ordinary Americans lack the power to hurt the big banks - Washington Post
Financial Crisis Inquiry panel investigates meltdown - USA Today
Goldman Sachs Weighs Requirement for Charity - NY Times
Issues 2010 - Noland, Prudent Bear

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Oil hits new 15-month high on demand, dollar - Reuters
Stocks, Commodities Advance as China Imports Soar - Bloomberg
Stocks Surge -- And Main Street Doesn't Believe THIS Rally - HuffPost
Investors focus on bonds despite a big stock rebound - Washington Post
Investors may feel relief but no joy in 2009 market recovery - LA Times
Thank You, Wall Street. May We Have Another? - Mother Jones

Green Shoots, Weak Roots - Hussman Funds
The Bad Job Numbers and the Secret Second Stimulus - HuffPost
America slides deeper into depression as Wall Street revels - Telegraph
Retailers get their holiday wish with modest rise in December sales - LA Times
AP IMPACT: Road projects don't help unemployment - AP

China, the new gold king! - Commodity Online
Chavez threatens businesses that boost prices - AP
Jim Rogers vs Jim Chanos: Is China in a bubble? - Commodity Online
Chinese rebound challenges Germany as world's biggest exporter - Telegraph
Dubai’s First Foreclosure May Open Floodgates in Worst Market - Bloomberg
China lending reportedly jumps, feeding hot economy - Reuters
China orders low-cost housing against property bubble - BBC
Gold demand in India rising - Commodity Online

Federal Bias Toward Homeownership - Cato Institute
Stockton, California Is Foreclosureville, USA - HuffPost
Fannie Mae tries to jolt Florida's condo market - Trading Markets
BofA Churning Mortgages? -

Time for Tim to go! - NY Post
Irony: Andrew Jackson On a Federal Reserve Note - Dollar Collapse
Fed’s Bullard Says Asset-Purchase Adjustments Main Policy Issue - Bloomberg
Geithner Has Support of Obama, Democratic Lawmakers, Aides Say - Bloomberg
Fed's Rosengren sees mortgage rate rise in spring - Reuters

Pi buster: French software whiz claims record - AFP
Hundreds strip in NYC for no-pants subway ride - NPR
Why Bright Light Worsens Migraine Headache Pain - LiveScience
The Americanization of Mental Illness - NY Times


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