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Monday, January 25, 2010

Obama Readies Package of Middle Class Aid - CNBC
White House, Top Republican Say Bernanke to Keep Job - Bloomberg
Populist ire softens ahead of Bernanke confirmation vote - Washington Post
Fed Demands “Special Security Procedures” for AIG Details From SEC - Naked Capitalism
Debt Burden Now Rests More on U.S. Shoulders - Norris, NY Times
The economic case against Bernanke - DebtWatch
The Bernanke Conundrum - Krugman, NY Times
The Volcker Rule - Noland, Prudent Bear

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Oil steadies below $75, near one-month low - Reuters
2010 gold price will be vulnerable to downward correction - Mineweb
SEC May Approve Restrictions on Short Sales When Stocks Plunge - Bloomberg
1,336 mutual funds cease to exist in 2009 - USA Today
A Blueprint for Financial Reform - Hussman Funds
‘Next decade is all for gold’ - Commodity Online

Home sales likely fell in December - AP
Eye-popping GDP number not sustainable - MarketWatch
Preview: Growth Probably Accelerated as 2009 Ended - Bloomberg
Sam's Club cuts 11,200 jobs, 10 percent of workforce - Reuters
'Stimulus got me my job' - CNN/Money

Chanos: China's Real Estate Bubble Is Unprecedented - CNBC
Argentina central bank chief barred from premises - Reuters
House price rise hopes boosted as recession ends - Telegraph
Bank of China finds support despite share issue plans - MarketWatch
Alistair Darling warns Barack Obama over banking reforms - Times Online
BOJ Said to Be Open to Expanding Loans, Bond Buying - Bloomberg
China economist sees 2010 GDP up 9.5 percent - Reuters
Japan manufacturers' mood brightens - Reuters

450,000 at risk in foreclosure-prevention program - CNN/Money
Reader with big savings, low income eyes $700,000 houses - Mortgage Insider
Huge N.Y. Housing Complex Is Returned to Creditors - NY Times
The Housing Market Isn't as Bad as New Numbers Indicate - WSJ
Underwater, but Will They Leave the Pool? - NY Times

Paul Krugman For The Fed - Baseline Scenario
Key GOP senator sees Bernanke confirmation - MarketWatch
Stakes are high as government plans exit from mortgage markets - Washington Post
Growth revival won't budge the Fed - Reuters
More on Bernanke - Calculated Risk

Humans Could Run 40 mph, in Theory - LiveScience
What the "I'm Mad-As-Hell" Party Could Do - Robert Reich
Oh deer! 10-to-12 point buck breaks into Ill. home - AP
Dillinger's getaway car sells for $165,000 - CNN/Money


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