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Number 12 11 at Seeking Alpha??

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

It's not exactly clear what's going on over at Seeking Alpha, but word came this morning that there's been a rather dramatic increase in the number of readers who are now following me, so much so that I've jumped from around 40 to 12 11 in the list of Top 100 Authors.
IMAGE Apparently they now recommend authors when readers register with them and, for some reason, my name has been coming up a lot. The last time I checked, I was closing in on 1,000 followers, but now it seems that I'm getting dozens of new followers every hour.

Since the screen grab above about ten minutes ago, there are six new followers for me, but none for the gentlemen above me, so, I may soon crack the top ten, which would be neat.

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Tim said...

This is wild. Two hours later, the count is at 2170 with Dividends4Life still at 2185. I should be in the top ten in another hour...

Brett Owens said...

Nice Tim - congrats on the move all the way up to #8!

This has been an all-out breakout year for you - and other top 10 guys. Very well deserved in your case, hope this resulted in a lot of traffic coming back your way.

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