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Senator Brown in his first news conference

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

People inside and outside of Washington certainly have a lot to talk about today and it's probably a good thing that Goldman Sachs won't announce their bonuses until next week.

It will be interesting to see how things progress from here - especially the health care bill as the party in power appears to be unsure if they did too much or if they didn't do enough.


Adam said...

I think both.

Too much special interest compromising.

And too little help for the average American who has health care.

getyourselfconnected said...

The Rex Nutting piece nails it I think.

Add to this most are just sick of getting stuff crammed down their throat (TARP, Bailouts, Mortgage fixes for those fools but you pay full amount, etc) that something snapped here in Massachusetts. As a native I can say I am proud of the commonwealth today.

Anonymous said...

Another Corporate Rear Kisser Elected WoHo!
More Fraud in the Future!

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