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Soros: Gold is the "ultimate asset bubble"

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The headline of this story at the Telegraph has billionaire investor George Soros warning that, due to low interest rates, gold will be the "ultimate asset bubble", but, darned if I heard anything about the yellow metal in the accompanying video.

While it's not clear if this is bullish or bearish for the price of gold, it's worth noting that Soros' forecasting track record is far from perfect, one of his more memorable failures being this May 2008 prediction that "the acute phase" of the financial crisis "is largely behind us".

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Dr. Duru said...

Just a mention that the IMF could sell gold to fund a climate change program...

fish said...

Good Lord! Who broke Maria Bartiromos nose?

Anonymous said...

"Copenhagen was a bust, it was a disappointment"

Speak for yourself, you old fart.

Anonymous said...

SOROS = Another self interested prick..

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