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Monday, January 11, 2010

Skip to the six minute mark in the YouTube clip below and you'll soon see a familiar looking chart that appeared on the Glenn Beck program this afternoon (hat tip CK).

Recall that the chart of Goods Producing vs. Government Payrolls appeared here last week and, then, something of a brouhaha developed when someone else reproduced it without noting where they had spotted it first. It's been seen in about five or six other places in recent days - it really seems to be catching on...

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Anonymous said...

Poor Deranged Beck.
Propaganda Fool of the Right, complaining about the Bank Bailout? Doesn't he know who's paying for his show?

This president "devalued the dollar", Yes, Beck, needs you to buy Gold.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't the "Government" who Sent Our Jobs to China. China Growth in December: 17.7%.

I'll believe Beck, when he starts blaming the "Capitalists" [ Sociopaths ] that sent our jobs to China.

It's the Business Community Destroying this Country, not the "Government".

albrt said...

Definitely congrats. On this and all the legitimate new outlets over the last few months.

I still say if things keep deteriorating at the current pace, Beck is going to be our Mussolini.

So would it be better for him to remember you or not remember you if that happens?

Jake said...

albrt. i like that you separated "this" and legitimate news outlets

pat said...

This chart is Garbage.
the chart fails to sort out
what public goods are being produced
by the public sector.

Anonymous said...

Government workers can just vote/lobby themselves raises, and job security. There is no competition for them, because no one else can legally provide government services, or import them. This sector has thus become very labor intensive, inefficient, and needless workers abound.

Private manufacturing workers have to compete on the international market. Thus, they are forced to make efficient use of automation, eliminate needless jobs, and accept reasonable pay/benefits packages.

Anonymous said...

True public goods (e.g.roads and national defense)should absorb a fraction of the current budget. The vast majority of current public expenditures (e.g. foreign wars, rescues of inept and corrupt financial insitutions, care and feeding of pressure groups and their elected enablers, and the cost of the "25-and-out" mentality of the public employee unions)do not produce goods but, in fact, constitute a drain on the republic.

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