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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Citigroup suffers $7.6 billion loss - CNN/Money
Japan Airlines Files for Bankruptcy - NY Times
Where have all the retail investors gone? - StockHouse
Rogers Says Shanghai, Hong Kong Property in Bubble - Bloomberg
Current Account Deficits: 25 Years and Counting - Noland, Prudent Bear
N.Y. Debt Premium at 15-Month High Before Budget Plan - Bloomberg
Moral Hazard and the Crisis - Surowiecki, New Yorker
Disasters Far and Near - Kunstler, CFN

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Oil rises above $78 in Asia on bargain hunting - AP
Platinum, palladium gain on strong investor interest - MarketWatch
Doug Casey: "Stock Market Set to Crash" - Casey Research
Restoring Faith in Financial Markets - Bogle, WSJ
Charts: Dow Set to Move Down to 9,350 - CNBC
OPEC holds 2010 oil demand steady - AP

Debt ceiling fight: It's back - CNN/Money
2009 was a bad year, but it wasn't 1933 - Washington Times
Pew: More wives are the higher-income spouse - Washington Post
Oh dear. Inflation is back again - Telegraph
Census staff's cream of crop -

Inflation rate jumps to 2.9% - BBC
Japan Airlines files for bankruptcy protection - AP
China Property Sales Rise 75.5% to 4.4 Trillion Yuan - Bloomberg
China, Taiwan keep tightening, fearing asset bubbles - Reuters
European Banks Take a Step Toward More Normal Lending - NY Times
IMF head in 'double-dip' global economy warning - BBC
Time to cage inflation tiger, say experts - China Daily
Eurozone official says Greece will pull through - AP

Is Slashing Mortgage Principal the Answer? - WSJ
Many fed-up time share owners are stuck trying to sell - USA Today
Mortgage lenders exploit a loophole in HUD's new 'good faith estimate' rules - LA Times
Souring Mortgages, Weak Market Force FHA to Walk a Tightrope - WSJ

Opening salvo on banks has yet to come - FT
What's Plan B if Senate dawdles on Bernanke? - CNN/Money
New York Fed “Very Sensitive” on AIG, Company E-Mail Says - Bloomberg
Treasury Delay on Bank Home-Equity Debt Imperils Housing Pickup - Bloomberg

True-Blue Massachusetts Is Red Alert to Obama - Bloomberg
Michigan – the unlikely new star of US cinema - Telegraph
Scientists Find a Shared Gene in Dogs With Compulsive Behavior - NY Times
New York Times May Charge for Online Content: Report - Reuters


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