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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Geithner faces critics today on AIG bailout secrecy - AP
Two at Fed Had Doubts Over Payout by A.I.G. - NY Times
Geithner AIG Recusal Was ‘After the Fact,’ Issa Says - Bloomberg
US housing mkt may be near bottom -Freddie Mac CEO - Reuters
AIG failure would have meant 'complete collapse', Paulson says - LA Times
Housing recovery could take a decade, economists warn - Washington Post
Triangulating on deficit reduction, 2010 version - Credit Writedowns
Shock: Nouriel Roubini gets it wrong - Telegraph

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Oil Little Changed Before Inventories - Bloomberg
Gold steady near $1,100/oz, Fed decision eyed - NineMSN
20% to 25% Correction by May: Market Analyst - CNBC
Gold investors lured by falling Chinese stock market - Commodity Online
Toyota stops sales of Camry and 7 other models in recall - USA Today
Global equities hurt again by tight money fears - Reuters

Lawmakers Hunt for Ways to Rekindle Hiring - NY Times
US Home Loan Demand Down, Refinancing Slows - Reuters
Obama to Push For Budget Panel, Job Growth in Speech - CNBC
Number of job seekers launching businesses hits four-year high - LA Times
Consumer confidence index climbs in January - USA Today

Growing debt not just a U.S. problem - SF Gate
No double-dip recession, says Sentance - Guardian
Weber: ECB May Take More Exit Steps in First Half - Bloomberg
China Wealth Fund Weighs New Commodities Bets in 2010 - Bloomberg
Davos debates financial reform vs. over-regulation - Washington Post
Hatoyama Faces Pressure to Fix Deficit on S&P Warning - Bloomberg
Britain at risk of plunging back into recession - Telegraph
Greek bond yields rise to record high - FT

Record foreclosure filings threaten recovery - Mortgage Insider
Bank of America Agrees to Modify Second Mortgages - WSJ
LA/OC homes’ smallest price loss since May ‘07 - O.C. Register
Reports suggest housing market stabilizing -

The Fed: Reappoint Captain Smith? - newgeography
Fed May Take Chance Ending Debt Purchases Won’t Hurt Housing - Bloomberg
Bernanke Gains Backers as Reid Sets Procedural Vote - Bloomberg
Ailing Banks Favor Salaries Over Shareholders - NY Times

CBS: Tebow ad reflects change in policy allowing advocacy ads - USA Today
4 men accused of phone plot had conservative ties - AP
Slow Snails Are Quick to Make New Species - LiveScience
Cops stop cyclist with butcher knife-pool cue axe - AP


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