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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sometimes you have to wonder just what goes through the minds of editors who, for whatever reason, see fit to make changes to a story's title. The screen shot you see below sat atop the main page at Yahoo! for an hour or two yesterday:
IMAGE You quickly get a sense that the tone of the title and the contents of the report might not match by reading the excerpt provided, but, if you actually look at the U.S. News and World Report story by Luke Mullins, you'll find that its title conveys a very different message than the one here - Home Prices Stabilize Further, But More Drops May Be in Store - with the very first paragraph questioning whether the upcoming decline will be five or ten percent.

Why would you possibly want to not "wait around"?

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Expat said...

I think you misunderstood the headline. I would interpret it as "don't hold your breath". So a bearish headline.

And as long as I am typing, call me back when the median house price is about $130k. That's the target in this economy.

Anonymous said...

Tim - your cynicism is showing. I can see how you could interpret it that way - For Sale .. Don't Wait to Buy .. Price Reduced - but that's probably not what they meant.

CrisisMaven said...

Oh great, let's see what they write after this sets in: Of Mortgage Brokers, ARMs, Attrition and Marathons

Anonymous said...

Post time, Bernakie confirmed...

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