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Friday, February 26, 2010

Greece Delays Bond Sale Amid Turmoil - WSJ
Analysis: What Greece tells us about Europe - CNN
AIG Posts $8.9 Billion Loss on Charges, Reserves - CNBC
Obama May Prohibit Home-Loan Foreclosures Without HAMP Review - Bloomberg
Probe: Did big U.S. banks contribute to the financial crisis in Greece? - Washington Post
Is Goldman Finally About to be Leashed and Collared? - Naked Capitalism
Bernanke wants answers on Goldman role in Greece - Reuters
On Wall Street, a Romance With Curling - NY Times

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Oil hovers above $78 on mixed demand - AP
China To Purchase Half of IMF's Gold - Pravda
"China buying IMF gold" story unfounded - Reuters
What VIX Says About Market 'Gloom and Doom': Trading Execs - CNBC
Allianz Flight From Equities Leads to Parking, Wind - Bloomberg
China, India still bullish on gold - Commodity Online

Economy Grew at 5.9 Percent Pace Last Quarter - Bloomberg
Double-Dip, Rate Spike 'Danger' Looms: Ex-Fed Governor - CNBC
California Passes Bill to Guard Cash as Bond Delayed - Bloomberg
Hired! Aggressive networking gets the job done - CNN/Money
Hotel rates have biggest drop since Depression - SF Gate

More tightening for China? - -Globe and Mail
New Worries Darken Greece's Prospects - BusinessWeek
UK's escape from recession stronger than first thought - Guardian
EU's Cutbacks Feed Worries Of A "Second Great Depression" - HuffPost
Why Would Anyone Buy a Spanish Bond? - Dollar Collapse
China conducts yuan rise "stress tests": report - Reuters
Surface Tension: George Soros on China - MarketWatch
CDS demonization watch, Greece edition - Reuters

Housing Recovery Is Looking A Lot Shakier Than Expected - CNBC
FDIC to test principal reduction for underwater borrowers - Washington Post
Tough choices in a plummeting housing market - MarketWatch
Better to Wait Until Home Buyer Tax Credit Expires? - WSJ

Traction for Banking Regulation - NY Times
Bernanke Fesses Up: America Has No ‘Insolvency’ Issue - Auerback, New Deal 2.0
Bernanke to Senate: If you want to fix job deficit, don't forget budget deficit - CSM
Is Maxine Waters Really As Dumb As She Seems? - CBS News

Ten Wall Street Blogs You Need To Bookmark Now - WSJ
Mammoth iceberg could alter ocean circulation: study - AFP
Trump takes the stand in bid for namesake casinos - Reuters
Gulp! Long-Necked Dinosaurs Didn't Bother Chewing - LiveScience


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