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The Greeks and their gold in Germany

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The latest development in the ongoing saga of the Greek budget troubles and the European Union is that, apparently, the Greeks want some of their gold back that the Germans took in World War II. Either that or they want or an apology, or maybe even a thank you, according to this report in the BBC today.

Greece angers Germany in gold row
Greek Deputy Prime Minister Theodoros Pangalos has accused Germany of failing to compensate Greece for Nazi occupation during World War II.

Mr Pangalos made the remarks during a wide-ranging BBC interview about Greece's financial difficulties.

"They [the Nazis] took away the Greek gold that was in the Bank of Greece, they took away the Greek money and they never gave it back," he said.
Here's where the story kind of breaks down:
"I don't say they have to give back the money necessarily, but they have to say thanks. And they [the German government] shouldn't complain much about stealing and not being very specific about economic dealings."

Mr Pangalos' comments elicited an icy response from German Foreign Ministry spokesman Andreas Peschke. "I must reject these accusations," he said.
It sounds as though conditions are not improving over there and downgrades (or the threat of downgrades) do not seem to be helping much.

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Anonymous said...

When they bring up the Nazis, you know things are getting acrimonious...

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