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Monday, February 15, 2010

Greek drama plays out on Wall Street - Reuters
US debt will keep growing even with recovery - AP
Germany growls as Greece balks at immolation - Telegraph
Europe Finance Ministers Face Pressure for Greek Deal - Bloomberg
Germans say euro zone may have to expel Greece: poll - Reuters
Greek saga won't kill the euro but the end may begin here - Bloomberg
Anthem to delay insurance rate hike amid criticism - AP
Global Reflation Update - Noland, Prudent Bear

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Oil hovers above $74 amid light holiday trading - AP
Gold Advances as Debt Concern Spurs Demand - Bloomberg
Entrepreneurs turn to 401(k)s to fund start-up businesses - USA Today
Gold demand, imports pick up in India - Commodity Online
Charts: China Stocks to Fall for Several Months - CNBC
Euro near lows; Dubai debt fears rise - Reuters

The Case For Higher Inflation - Krugman, NY Times
Economy was climbing before the storms - MarketWatch
Investor angst up as economic fixes begin 'unwinding' - USA Today
Chrysler dealers hopeful for new models, uncertain of current ones - Washington Post
Challenges to U.S. rebound emerge from overseas - Reuters

The Greek Tragedy That Changed Europe - WSJ
Europe Finance Ministers Pressured Over Greece - Bloomberg
Wall St. Helped to Mask Debt Fueling Europe’s Crisis - NY Times
China’s Growth May Top 11% Even as Officials Rein in Lending - Bloomberg
If the EU Ends Up Bailing Out Greece PIGS Will Eat at the Same Trough - WSJ
Goldman’s O’Neill Says ‘Something Brewing’ in China on Currency - Bloomberg
India Inflation Accelerates to 15-Month High of 8.56% - Bloomberg
Japan’s Economy Grew 4.6% in Last Quarter of ’09 - NY Times

U.S. Housing Aid Winds Down, and Cities Worry - NY Times
Refinancing unavailable for many borrowers - Washington Post
Low FHA Down-Payments, Low Mortgage Rates Fueling Housing Market - FRU
Mortgage rates poised to jump as Fed cuts funds - SF Gate

Senate’s Corker Considers Reducing Fed’s Bank-Oversight Role - Bloomberg
Survey says, the bigger the bank, the less people trust them - Wallet Pop
EU Finance Ministers to Resist Obama Plans for Banking Overhaul - Bloomberg
Premature Exit - Krugman, NY Times

Frozen Hair Yields First Ancient Human Genome - LiveScience
Luger who died told father he was terrified of Whistler track - Yahoo! Sports
China leads the world in hacked computers, McAfee study says - NY Times
The End of Cedar Fair’s Ride? - DeakBoook



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