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Monday, February 22, 2010

EU exec says no 20 bln euro aid plan for Greece - Guardian
Euro Worst to Come as Greece Hammerlocks ECB on Rates - Bloomberg
Global Crisis Leads I.M.F. Experts to Rethink Long-Held Ideas - NY Times
Tim Geithner's VOGUE Interview: Geithner Was Asked To Run Citi - HuffPost
Toyota memo shows $100m savings over floor mat recall - Guardian
European banks need to issue $327 billion annually: Citi - Reuters
Euro's Future in Question Even if Greece Saved: Soros - CNBC
New credit card rules' double standard - CNN/Money

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Oil edges up near $80, pares gain from high - Reuters
Gold Price Gearing Up for a Big Move - Market Oracle
'Buy farmland and gold,' advises Dr Doom - Times Online
Stocks, rising again, face busy week for economic data - MarketWatch
Why Rogers, Soros, Faber invest in commodities - Commodity Online
Bugging the gold bugs - Business Standard

Setting the stage for stagflation - Washington Times
Notes on a Difficult Employment Outlook - Hussman Funds
It's Not a Jobless Recovery, It's a Growthless Recovery - American Prospect
Economists: Recovery is firmly on track - CNN/Money
The Deflationist - The New Yorker

Greece says EU lacking leadership - Globe and Mail
Greece's woes scared countries into action: Finland - Reuters
China New Village Makes Chanos See Dubai 1,000 Times - Bloomberg
Strike threats spread across Europe as Lufthansa, BA in focus - MarketWatch
Europe's monetary union has become an instrument of deflation torture - Telegraph
Japan finance minister needles BOJ on inflation targeting - Reuters
Will Greece repeat Argentina's 2001 fiasco? - MarketWatch
EMF roundtable: Faultlines in the EU treaty - Economist

Dry Your Eyes and Lower the Price - NY Times
Will Congress Extend the Home Buyer Tax Credit? - WSJ
O.C. has 13 months of unlisted foreclosures - O.C. Register
Nevada Housing: More Reasons for Pessimism - Seeking Alpha

The Fed's discount rate hike - EconBrowser
Ex-Treasury secretaries back Volcker rule - Reuters
Bernanke Can Tell Congress He Stiffed the Banks - Bloomberg
Campaigning for State Owned Banks - Web of Debt
Goldman's rehab - New York Post

Is This the Safest House in the World? - MainStreet
Web 2.0 Careers: Making Money by the Click - Yahoo!
Internet note posted by man linked to plane crash - Statesman
The End of the Tea Party - Americnan Prospect


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