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Thursday, February 04, 2010

824,000 Jobs Will Disappear on February 5th - Bloomberg
Toyota Says Prius Brakes Had Design Problems - NY Times
Greece’s Biggest Union Votes to Strike, Threatens Deficit Cuts - Bloomberg
Economic crisis looms for Japan amid financial and manufacturing woes - Washington Post
BOE pauses printing-money policy as economy emerges from recession - Telegraph
Health-care sector grew as economy contracted in 2009 -Washington Post
Biggest Bubble in History Is Growing Every Day - Pesek, Bloomberg
Deficit hawks: What Obama got right - and wrong - CNN/Money

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Oil falls to near $76 amid sluggish US demand - AP
Gold slips as dollar hits 7-month high vs euro - Reuters
Portugal, Spain Lead Worldwide Decline in Stocks; Dollar Gains - Bloomberg
Why southern Europe's debt crisis is a buying opportunity for gold lovers - Telegraph
Why gold surges during dollar bear market - Commodity Online
The China bubble, gold and the markets - Mineweb

Unemployment claims rise; productivity jumps - AP
On Monetary Inflation and M3 - Jesse's Cafe Americain
Leading Economics Bloggers Share Bleak Outlook - Kauffman Foundation
Rep. Paul Ryan: 'Rationing happens today!' - Klein, Washington Post
Service Sector Growing, but Expansion Remains Anemic - WSJ

Bank of England halts bond purchases - MarketWatch
Eurozone interest rates stay at 1%, growth struggles - BBC
Obama Vows to Get Tough with China on Currency - CNBC
The BoE on how doing nothing will boost the economy - Telegraph
Shanghai Bad-Loan Ratio Would Triple With 10% Home Price Drop - Bloomberg
Greece under EU protectorate as funds shift fire to Portugal - Telegraph
U.K. house price rise continues but growth slows - Times Online
China hits back at US over trade and currency - BBC
IMF Stands Ready to Help Greece - WSJ

Housing Red Flags Ignored - Fox Business News
More Arguments Favor Walking Away from a Mortgage - WSJ
Why Real Estate Defaults Will Explode This Year - Krasting, Seeking Alpha
Don't Trust Pending Home Sales Data - Lounsbury, Seeking Alpha
Mortgage Delinquencies Pass 10%: LPS - Housing Wire

Chris Sims on Policy at the Zero Lower Bound - Economist's View
Bernanke starts new term, acknowledges critics' points - Washington Post
Has the New York Fed been serving the public trust? Has Geithner? - TBP
AIG Bonuses: Geithner Says Bank Fee Could Recover 'Outrageous' Payments - HuffPost

NY driver used mannequin in car pool lane - AP
Apple iPad Proves Most Hilarious Gadget of the Century - BNet
45-foot Ancient Snake Devoured Crocs - LiveScience
Artists Creating Detroit Ice House - ZillowBlog


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