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Thursday, February 11, 2010

EU deal 'agreed' on Greece debt woes - BBC
How the U.S. can avoid the Greek problem - CNN/Money
Markets fragile amid confusion over Greek rescue deal - Telegraph
Greek workers protest austerity measures as bailout speculation looms - Washington Post
EU Demands Greek Budget Cuts, Pledges to Uphold Euro Stability - Bloomberg
‘PIGS’ in Rescue Lipstick Are Uglier Than Default - Gilbert, Bloomberg
IEA Revises Up Global Oil Demand Growth for 2010 - CNBC
China to push aside Japan as No. 2 economy - CNN/Money

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Oil rises above $75 as traders eye dollar - AP
Gold climbs as EU aid plan for Greece lifts euro - Reuters
Stock futures rise as EU agrees to provide aid to Greece - AP
'Gold going down? Dont cry. It's a buying opportunity’ - Commodity Online
Dow to Dip Near 8300-8400 Soon: Chief Investor - CNBC
Investing lies we've all been taught - MSNBC

Jobless Claims Decrease More Than Anticipated - Bloomberg
Obama: Recovery Not Complete Until Jobs Restored - CNBC
Small Business Has Some News for Big Government - Baum, Bloomberg
Once Stigmatized, Food Stamps Find Acceptance - NY Times
Obamanomics One Year Out - Reich, HuffPost

China's housing prices up 9.5% in Jan - China Daily
Greece could bring euroland to its knees - Telegraph
UK home repossessions hit 14-year high - Times Online
Chinese Producer Prices Jumped Sharply in January - NY Times
Germany and France strike deal to rescue Greece from debt crisis - Telegraph
China reports 1.39t yuan of new loans in January - China Daily
Inflation takes back seat in BOE's recovery drive - Telegraph
Spanish economy remains in recession - BBC

Foreclosures Fall, But Little Relief for Housing Ahead - CNBC
One-Fifth of U.S. Homeowners Owe More Than Properties Are Worth - Bloomberg
Four in 10 South Florida mortgage holders 'underwater' - Sun Sentinel
Mortgage officials try exits softer than foreclosures - Washington Post

Bernanke’s How-To on Rate Increase Lacks a When - NY Times
Fed in Talks With Money Market Funds to Drain $1 Trillion - Bloomberg
Smaller banks at risk if commercial real estate falters - USA Today
Alan Greenspan: Party Boy - aucontrarian

Colbert heads to Olympics for medals and mockery - AP
Lenny Dykstra Unveils New Investment Service - HuffPost
Man walks into Wal-Mart, smashes 29 TVs with bat - AP
What Went Wrong at Toyota - Time


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