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Thursday, February 18, 2010

IMF announces 192 tonne gold sales - MarketWatch
China seen allowing stronger yuan in 2010 - Reuters
US bank lending falls at fastest rate in history - Telegraph
US state pension funds have $1 trillion shortfall: Pew - Reuters
Asian central banks seen as buyers for 192 tonnes of IMF gold - Mineweb
AIG to keep up to $500B in controversial assets - CNN/Money
Moody's downgrades Sacramento County ratings - Reuters
The United States: Debtor and Leader? - WSJ

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Oil falls below $77 on dollar, inventories - Reuters
Gold May Fall for a Second Day on Planned IMF Sales - BusinessWeek
U.S. Stock Futures Retreat on Unexpected Rise in Jobless Claims - Bloomberg
International Monetary Fund to sell another 191 tons of gold - MarketWatch
Gold May Advance to $1,400 in 12 Months: Technical Analysis - Bloomberg
Dr Doom: China Will Drag Down US Stocks By 20% - CNBC

Jobless claims rise 31,000 to 473,000 - MarketWatch
January wholesale prices jump 1.4 percent - AP
Fed: Jobless Rate Will Stay High For Next 2 Years - HuffPost
Deficit Hawks Want New (or double dip) Recession - The Big Picture
Retirees Trade Work for Rent at Cash-Poor Parks - NY Times

UK finances deteriorate further - BBC
China's holdings of US Treasury debt slashed - China Daily
Goldman Sachs, Greece Didn’t Disclose Swap Contract - Bloomberg
Spanish Premier Insists Economic Recovery Is Near - NY Times
Taxman targets 100,000 top earners to claw back millions - TimesOnline
Greek Debt ‘Twilight Zone’ Spurs Rise in Sovereign Credit Risk - Bloomberg
UK needs radical policies to help economy create jobs - Telegraph
Japan’s Central Bank Stands Pat on Rates - AP

Govt. Mortgage Plan Aids 12% of Borrowers - Time
Administration pushed to expand foreclosure-prevention program - Washington Post
Hey You Pessimists (Yes you, homeowners): It’s Not Quite That Bad… - ZillowBlog
Hawaii logs biggest leap in late home payments - Star Bulletin

Agreement Is Near on New Overseer of Banking Risks - NY Times
Report From Elizabeth Warren: Up to 3,000 Banks in Trouble - Seeking Alpha
Fed Officials Set Goal of ‘Eventual’ Exit From Housing Finance - Bloomberg
Fed shows 'a bit more' optimism in forecast - USA Today

Wis. man finds stolen iPhone through GPS - AP
How Prisoners Are Using Facebook to Harass Their Victims - Time
Nation Realizes Money Just A Symbolic, Mutually Shared Illusion - The Onion
Fear of Spiders Can Develop Before Birth - Live Science


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