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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Britain and the PIGS - Telegraph
Lenders Fret as Dubai's Real-Estate Situation Worsens - CNBC
Europe Ministers Ready to Force Deeper Cuts on Greece - Bloomberg
Banks step up spending on lobbying to fight proposed stiffer regulations - LA Times
Use of temps to fill jobs may no longer signal permanent hiring - AP
How gold, metals behave in dollar bull market - Commodity Online
Will Europe throw out Goldman Sachs? - automatic earth
Euroland, the Horror Movie - Kunstler, CFN

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Oil above $75 as dollar weakens against the euro - AP
Gold Advances as Weaker Dollar Boosts Demand - Bloomberg
Brokers Wage a Price War on Commissions - Time
Is gold beginning to break with the dollar again? - Mineweb
Demand for Oil Set to Rise Anew - NY Times
The new safe havens (no, not gold) - FT Alphaville

How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America - The Atlantic
Manufacturing in New York Fed Region Expands at Faster Pace - Bloomberg
Utah eyes slashing senior year of high school to save money - Raw Story
US Recovery to Accelerate: Barclays' Bob Diamond - CNBC
A healthy dose of inflation - Economist

EU orders Greece to cut deeper - Telegraph
Unwinding Global Imbalances - Naked Capitalism
India Worries as China Builds Ports in South Asia - NY Times
Greek Tax-Dodgers Threaten Plan to Cut Budget Gap - Bloomberg
Millions of credit card holders feel the crunch as interest soars - Guardian
Flaherty to Tighten Canadian Mortgage Rules as Market Heats Up - Bloomberg
U.K. Inflation Rate Accelerates to 14-Month High - Bloomberg
German investor confidence decreases again - AP

Housing Shortage Coming In 2011 - Forbes
Mortgage rates poised to jump as Fed cuts funds - SF Gate
U.S. looks to foreign investors to fund the housing market - Washington Post
Investors plunking down cash for homes - Sacramento Bee

Fed sees paper loss on Bear portfolio: report - Reuters
Capital One Defaults Rise, Sees High Levels Ahead - CNBC
Goldman Sachs Has Contrary View on Federal Reserve Priorities - American Banking
How to Watch the Banks - Paulson, NY Times

'Climategate' Scientist Phil Jones Fights Back - LiveScience
Charlie Gasparino Expected to Join Fox Business Network - TV Newser
Olympic mittens with Canada maple leaf are big seller - USA Today
Florida family gives up on small-town North Dakota - AP



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