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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

China PLA officers urge economic punch against U.S. - Reuters
Greek public sector workers strike as spectre of bailout looms - Guardian
How Brussels Is Trying to Prevent a Collapse of the Euro - Spiegel Online
Germany backs Greek bail-out, EU creates 'economic government' - Telegraph
Recovery of Home Values Slowing; Some Markets Poised for Double Dip - Zillow
Stiglitz: Prospect of a default by the US or Britain is 'absurb' notion - Telegraph
How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America - The Atlantic
IMF help with Greece may be unavoidable - Reuters

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Oil rises above $74 on dollar weakness - Reuters
Gold steady at $1,075/oz as euro momentum kept - ninemsn
Tim Bond: Equity Investors are Dancing on the Edge of a Volcano - PragCap
Why China loves copper, not gold as new currency - Commodity Online
Bull market has its work cut out for it - MarketWatch
Top Strategist: Beware ‘The Next Bubble’? - CNBC

U.S. job openings rise, hirings steady in December - Reuters
Payback time (Great Depression, part one) - The Money Illusion
New Ceridian-UCLA Pulse of Commerce Index sees gloom - USA Today
U.S. consumer confidence falls in February - Reuters
Vancouver wrestles with homelessness - LA Times

Anatomy of a Euromess - Krugman, NY Times
China’s Exports Advance 21%, Adding Pressure on Yuan - Bloomberg
King leaves door open to further BOE bond buys, if needed - MarketWatch
How A €20B Liquidity Crisis Is Set To Become A €1.6Trillion Funding Crisis - Zero Hedge
EU President to Consolidate Economic Power (Dog Bites Man Alert) - Naked Capitalism
Global Confidence Ebbs on Concern Budget Gaps Will Hurt Rebound - Bloomberg
Fed’s Yellen: U.S. Rates Too Hot for China - WSJ
Why fret about Greece? - Economist

Why No Canadian Housing Bubble? - The Big Picture
Forget the Mortgage, I'm Paying My Credit Card Bill - U.S. News
After rising prices, some housing markets see about-face - MarketWatch
The Home Price Rally is Over For Now - Voice of San Diego
Mortgage bankers HQ now a short sale? - O.C. Register

Fed Chair as Confidence Man - Baseline Scenario
Bernanke Hearing Canceled Over Weather - WSJ
Fed’s Dudley: Financial System In ‘Much Better’ Shape - WSJ
Fed's exit may leave rates low until 2012: Bullard - MarketWatch

'Pizza thief' walks the line - LA Times
Stand-up Economist Yoram Bauman Makes Money Funny - The Business Desk
Terrifying lift ordeal at Burj Khalifa tower, the world’s tallest building - TimesOnline
Loud Music Linked to Pounding Headaches - LiveScience


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