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Friday, March 05, 2010

Unemployment rate unchanged as 36K jobs lost - AP
Dealing with fiscal deficits: Sharing the pain - Economist
Market Defies Fear of Real Estate Bubble in China - NY Times
EU Said to Develop Contingency Plans for Greek Rescue - Bloomberg
Germans to debt-ridden Greeks: Sell the Acropolis and a few islands - CSM
Senate reins in finance reform, works on compromise - USA Today
Citi CEO defends $45 billion TARP bailout - SF Gate
Sovereign-debt ratings: The grim rater - Economist

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Oil rises towards $81; China signals stimulus - Reuters
Gold May Gain on Sovereign Debt Concern - BusinessWeek
U.S. Stock futures rise after upbeat jobs report - AP
There’s Something You Should Know About March 9th - CNBC
A Simple Reform Proposal from a Recovering Derivatives Trader - Naked Capitalism
Marc Faber asks Greek to buy gold - Commodity Online

Payrolls Fell 36,000, Unemployment at 9.7% - Bloomberg
House passes $15 billion jobs bill -Washington Post
Placing Our Faith in Economic Oracles - HuffPost
Federal pay ahead of private industry - USA Today
Who’s creating US jobs? Mexicans - CSM

Greek PM seeks EU commitment - AP
Greece's fiscal crisis: Now comes the pain - Economist
China's premier plans further action on housing prices - MarketWatch
A claim of patriotism is the last refuge of a busted government - Telegraph
Papandreou and Merkel meet today over Greek debt - Guardian
Canada Freezes Spending to Be First in G-7 to Erase Deficit - Bloomberg
Politics and the pound: Sterling throws a wobbly - Economist
China's investments in U.S. up sharply - LA Times

Recovery? Yes, a Little - NY Times
The Future of Home-Price Appreciation - U.S. News
Mean Street: Don’t Be Brainwashed by the Housing Cult - WSJ
The Very Expensive Home Buyer Tax Credit - Calculated Risk

Fed's Evans sees monetary tightening "a ways away" - Reuters
Fed Presidents Say Rates Need to Be Low Early in U.S. Recovery - Bloomberg
Fannie, Freddie May Ask Banks to Eat $21 Billion of Sour Loans - Bloomberg
Stiglitz Says Federal Reserve System 'Corrupt' - HuffPost

Is Antarctica Falling Apart? - LiveScience
Lake Forest secret millionaire donates fortune to college - Chicago Tribune
Man OK after steering wheel pops off while driving - AP
Yellow snow falls in Russia's Far East - Ria Novasti


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